Make Money Blogging With Digital Nomad Wannabe
Sharon Gourlay
The Digital Nomad Wannabe podcast teaches you how to turn your blog into a business with sustainable passive income. Each week, you’ll find actionable tips and strategies for growing traffic and income with no fluff so you can quit the day job and have more freedom to do what you love. Whether you aren’t sure if you are in the right niche, want to become an expert in SEO, can’t figure out your whole monetisation strategy or have had some success and want to work out what’s next, Make Money Blogging podcast will help. Sharon Gourlay from shares everything she has learned from over 5 years of professional blogging in many niches including travel, parenting, lifestyle and personal finance. She lives and breathes SEO and blog monetisation and loves using her skills as an ex high school teacher to teach you how to build your dream business. Regularly, she also welcomes guests on the show that have found blogging success and want to show you how to or shows bloggers who are struggling what they need to do to turn around their blogging success. From understanding SEO strategies to outsourcing, building authority, affiliate marketing, creating a second blog, Facebook, growing email lists and more, Sharon shares everything that works so you don’t have to waste any time to hit your blogging goals. Find more information about this podcast and all show notes here:
Make Money Blogging With Digital Nomad Wannabe
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