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Feb 11, 2021
An FPIES Diagnosis after Introducing Solids and Breastfeeding Challenges with a Tongue Tie: An Interview with Carly Sachs
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Meet Carly Sachs, a mom of two lovely ladies who is passionate about talking about the reality of motherhood. She blogs about making the transition to motherhood, parenting, awesome products, and staying sane at The Mamma's List. Carly shares about her postpartum and breastfeeding experiences, why she started the Mamma’s List Blog, and how her youngest was diagnosed with FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome).

As a way of paying it forward, when you join the Momxiety Club, your first month’s fee is donated to a charity that benefits families and children who are handling a chronic illness or disability. 

As a new member this month you’ll be supporting the Child Life Fund at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Child Life staff assist children and their families in coping with an illness, injury, or procedure. The fund also enables staff to have activities and toys on hand for children.  And as I mentioned in the last few episodes and Carly mentioned today, CHOP is a leader in the research and treatment of FPIES and VEO-IBD.

You get access to an amazing group and movement to help reduce momxiety and charity benefits…a win-win in my book! Just head to and the link to join is in the show notes!

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