#120: Becoming an Authority on Clubhouse with Alex Chisnall
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"Yes, you have your moments where you're not." – Alex Chisnall

Alex Chisnall (@alexanderchisnall) is the host of Screw It Just Do It: a business podcast that was rated #1 in the Apple Podcast charts in 10 countries during 2020 from the UK to Uganda.

Alex also helps ambitious brands and driven entrepreneurs tell their stories via the power of podcasting. He founded his podcast agency, Podpreneur, after the success of his own podcast, and now has clients all around the world.

More recently, he co-hosts more than 7 rooms a week on Clubhouse and has amassed over 12k followers in just over 3 months.

This week’s episode is a little bit different as it’s a conversation Alex and I recorded for our brand new Udemy course all about Clubhouse! In it, we discuss how to grow your Clubhouse following; how to make money from the platform; how to grow a Clubhouse room; and so much more!

Hope you enjoy!

You can find Alex at the following:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Udemy course on growing your following on Clubhouse

#34: Alex Chisnall – Super-Connector and Host of #1 Ranked Podcast, Screw It Just Do It

My Udemy Course on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Key Points:

Numbers and rooms (2:37)

How to grow your Clubhouse following (4:18)

Being tactical and dedication (8:20)

How to grow a Clubhouse room (17:52)

How to make money from the platform (22:00)

Turning a room into a club (25:16)

Key roles and communication platforms (30:15)

Moderating mistakes (33:11)



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