#114: Travis Marziani - Selling Performance Nut Butter for $1.1 Million & Listening to Your Body
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“Branch, prune, go on vacation, and have some fun.” – Travis Marziani

Travis Marziani (@travismarziani) is a YouTuber, teacher, and the founder of Performance Nut Butter: an Amazon FBA ‘Passion Product’ he recently sold for close to $1.1 million whilst maintaining a 25% stake.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Travis back on the podcast! We last spoke for episode #50 and that was a dream as he’s someone I’ve admired for a while. His honesty about business and himself is truly refreshing, and I loved hearing how his life has changed in the last six months!

In our wide-ranging conversation, we unpick Travis’ feelings of being an imposter despite making over $5 million revenue from two e-commerce businesses in 8 years; setting process goals vs arbitrary goals and why the former is more effective; being less critical of oneself; monthly-planning hacks; and so much more!

You can find Travis at the following:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Key Points:

Taking the risk (3:03)

Performance Nut Butter and turning ideas into reality (7:25)

Dealing with negative comments (10:25)

The process of giving up his “baby” (16:18)

Arbitrary goals vs process goals (21:18)

Being less critical of yourself (26:06)

The change (31:13)

Being more aware and being a better version of yourself (35:11)

Goal-setting and Travis’ practices (43:05)

“You are entitled to the labour not the fruits of your labour”. (50:48)

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