Second Chances at Life & Love: Author Jeanne Hussin Helps Us Hit the Refresh Button
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When you hear the quote “It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” does it strike a chord in you?  Does it make you ponder dreams deferred by life’s realities? Do you wonder if those dreams have passed their expiration dates? Well, to quote our guest Jeanne Hussin, “you’re not too old and it’s never too late.” In fact, after you hear her story, you too may be saying “good things are right around the corner!” And not simply good things -- but great things, big dreams and maybe even a new love or a new spark being lit in your current relationship.  


Jeanne Corvese Hussin is a marketing exec, mom, blogger and author of the new book “I See Old People”.  At 60, she says writing a book is a prize she has eyed for 25 years, but it was only recently that she had a story to tell. The inspiration came from her visits to a memory care facility for seniors and the wonderful lessons learned there. Her passion to serve seniors actually originated when she saw how callously her own mother had been treated by some of the staff at another facility years ago. She knew then that she wanted to crusade for kindness. Kindness, not just for senior citizens, but for everyone – especially those who felt unseen. Her website and blog, is an extension of this. “We all need to feel like we matter, no matter what age, no matter who we are” is emblazoned on the homepage. 

Another thing we learned from Jeanne is that “kindness is sexy.” Part of her inspiring story is finding love later in life.  It was not who she expected or when she expected to find him, but she did get her “prince” and her fairytale wedding.  Her husband, she says, not only carries this all-important kindness trait, but he’s the type who guy her mother always said she should look for, one who puts her on a pedestal. 

So many times, in movies, books and news stories, we get inspired by people whose dreams have come true or have found peace and happiness. Sometimes these real or fictional characters persevere though difficult circumstances to finally reach their destiny. What can make it even sweeter, though, is when the person is getting a do-over. What is it about second (or third or fourth) chances that is so moving? We think this is as good as any do-over story you’ll see, hear or read about.  Thank you, Jeanne, for telling us about your second chances at both life and love. Thank you for your honesty, vulnerability, and for your amazing advice. Thank you for being a wonderful advocate for kindness in our world, especially for our older population. 

We invite everyone to listen in as Jeanne tells us about going from an unemployed single mom to living her dream in so many ways. We think her journey will inspire you whether you’ve still got unfulfilled ambitions or just love a great story. Click play for some wonderful encouragement and maybe the motivation you need to hit the refresh button on your life.

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