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The Ash Taba Show
Mar 29, 2020
What This Serial Entrepreneur Would Do If He Was Starting a Business From Nothing Now | Nathan Hirsch
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In this episode I talk to serial entrepreneur Nathan Hirsch who went on to drive millions of dollars of sales from the Amazon business he created from his dorm room.

His innate problem solving nature led him to create the Freelancer and VA site FreeeUp, inspired by his use of VA's to scale his own business. The company has recently been bought out and Nathan and his business partner are embarking on their new venture, Outsource School. They offer courses and training to people wanting to leverage the full power of VA's to help their businesses grow.

During our chat, we discuss:

  • Coming up with the concept of drop-shipping in 2008 before it was "a thing"
  • Never having the end in mind and always looking to test and get feedback from the market.
  • The current shift towards remote working and how this was naturally happening anyway.
  • Followers, Doers and Experts - The 3 different types of VA
  • What to look for in a business partner.
  • The 4 different parts of working with a VA and key tips on how to bring them into your business.
  • The drops-shipping market now Vs 2008
  • What Nathan would do if he was starting a business from nothing now.

You can connect with Nathan here:




And find out more about Outsource School at the following links:

Official Site:


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