Mar 26, 2020
Let's talk about the C-word! No, not that one. Well...kinda.
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In this episode, I explore the C-word, but not the one that's all over the news lately (though I will touch on it a little bit). This episode focuses on the CENSUS! Yes, the U.S. Census, which is given every 10 years, should be in your mailbox. It looks at household information like age, sex, home information, race, and ethnicity. And, you guessed it, I'm going to talk about how the "Asian" category is "defined" on the Census, which is under the Office of Management and Budget (the OMB). Let's just say that I was pretty surprised that, on the Census, individuals from the Middle East are considered White. I'm going to get pretty heavy on some history here, so listen up to find out why and hear other nuggets too! If you'd like to dive in more, check out the references below!

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