TikTok Interracial Couples Challenge - How well we know each other? #19
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Are you on TikTok? This interracial couple is.And we decided to do the #coupleschallenge. 

We waded into the dangerous waters of “who is the better kisser?” “who says sorry first?” “who is the better dresser?” etc. 

We revealed our answers to each other on this week’s podcast. Some answers were obvious and unanimous - other answers were somewhere between surprising and infuriating. Turns out that our diversity is more than skin deep. We have great diversity in our viewpoints and understanding of events in our relationship.

If you choose to try it, do so at your own risk! Here are the questions:
1. Who has the cutest smile?
2. Who knows the other pone better?
3. Who says sorry first?
4. Who is the best cook?
5. Who is the better half?
6. Who is dresses better?
7. Who dresses the other?
8. Who takes forever to get out of the house?
9. Who spends the most money?
10. Who gives the best massages?
11. Who is the bigger baby?
12. Who was interested in the other one first?
13. Who is more likely to leave the gym first?
14. Who smells best?
15. Who is the best kisser?
16. Who loves the other one most?
17. Who is the social butterfly?
18. Who is less talented?
19. Who is the worst back seat driver?
20. Who is more jealous?
21. Who lies more?
22. Who can't wait for marriage and kids?

Drop your TikTok ID in the comments section so we can see how well y'all know each other.

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