The Best Avenues of Communication Have Traffic Going Both Ways, Featuring Author, Coach, and Transpersonal Psychologist, Alan Carroll
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Brief Episode Summary:

The heart of this podcast, “Discovering and Living the Best Version…of YOU!” is to provide content to the listeners of the podcast from some of the best minds in the fields of personal and spiritual growth and in a way that will empower the listeners to grow into becoming the best version of them self. After much thought and due diligence, I thought I’d reached the point where I could confidently say I’d arrived, that audio only was the best way to effectively communicate podcasts with the world! Then, Alan Carroll and his book The Broadband Connection crossed my path and entered my space. Now, I’m not so sure! #communication #spiritual #BroadbandConnection #IT #fear #publicspeaking audio #power #purpose #owningtheroom #consciousness #mentalconcepts #conscious #conversation #presentation 

Key Topics:

  • What's at the core of the fear of public speaking and how does one begin overcoming it?
  • Many in the audio communication space have been misled in several areas, including the notion that pausing during a presentation is fraught with negatives. WRONG! There is real power in the pause!
  • If you're a communicator, why is knowing your purpose so deeply important?
  • Want to "own the room" when addressing a group no matter how large the number, here's how!
  • What is consciousness? 
  • When addressing a group, why is it correct to refer to it as a conversation and not a presentation?  
  •  If you could choose only 1 skill to master to become more proficient, what would it be and why?  


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