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Biz Bytes
Sep 7, 2020
Ep 26: Setting up for Start-up Success
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Are we in the age of the startup?

Driven by a desire to be more independent and make our own choices, people are starting to take control and we are seeing new businesses emerge every day.

While 20 years ago it was individuals wanting to start a business, we now have teams who understand the ideas behind an MVP, how to do a side hustle.

Success stories are everywhere.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Uber, Elon Musk to Air BNB

And more locally

  • Xero
  • Rocket labs

But for every success story, there are plenty that don't make it.

New Zealand has a product market fit of one quarter of one percent.

Or the equivalent of about 15 start-ups a year actually nailing it in to their market.  

The risks are still the same and yet businesses are emerging every day, what's changed?

How much of a role does Luck have to play in it

And how to make sure you get the market fit?

In this episode I talk with Andy Hamilton about what it takes to be a successful business.

Andy is a Director of Ahi Innovation a consulting and investment company.

About Andy:

He's got plenty of experience investing in companies  – Icehouse Ventures, Blue Frog Breakfast, digital human company UneeQ, solar company Lightforce Solar, innovation agency Indigo, and Manaaki, an SME business support forum.  

Andy has also advised plenty of companies, United Machinists, Tatou (agricultural worker career platform), Auxilio Pharmaceuticals and a Small Business Advisor to the Minister for Small Business, Stuart Nash

His specialities include pattern matching, navigating the path forward for business owners and founders, networks, connections, governance & securing investment. 

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