Jackie Anderson: A new HoriZEN meet yourself where you are at
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Jackie Chavez Anderson is a Yoga teacher and certified Ayurveda Health Educator and founder of A New HoriZen, educating, encouraging, and empowering others to ignite their health evolution. Jackie’s goal is to share her passion, enthusiasm, and love for Yoga and Ayurveda.  Struggling with unhealthy negative body image perceptions of herself throughout her childhood and as an adult, coupled along with poor diet and lifestyle routines through her years lead to a decline in her physical and emotional health.  As the diagnosis began to pile up with high blood pressure, obesity, and above-average ranges in glucose and cholesterol levels, she turned to Yoga and Ayurveda and embraced the ancient philosophies that allow her the ability to tune into her body and tune out negative thoughts and outside harmful influences. As her journey continues to guide her on the path of health and wellness, she desires to share with others her knowledge of how the tools of holistic healthcare allow for an opportunity to meet yourself where you are at and to live YOUR best life.    


We learned from Jackie: 

Meet yourself where you are at.

Self-care does not mean you are being selfish

Use the tools you have like to sit and relax, unwind, and eat slowly. 

Nothing is right for everybody but something is right for somebody. 

Like increases like and opposites create balance

Your body tells you what you need. 

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