Isaiah: The Sovereignty of God
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                                          “The Sovereignty of God”

                                                    Isaiah 5:26-30

  • Remember, they were taunting God: Isaiah 5:19

  • The early church recognized Gods Rule:

1.      God had decided Jesus fate:Acts 4:27-28

2.      All Authority is established by God: Rom 13:1

  • ·Free will: We choose – John 3:16
  • ·The paradox: Proverbs 16:9;
  • ·Work out our own salvation: Phil 2:12-13

3.      God gives us time to change 

  • None should perish: 2 Pet 3:8-9

4.      The Messiah will Reign: Rev 11:15

  •  Is Jesus the Messiah? 
  • ·Professor Peter W. Stoner: Mathematical Proof!


  • They are well armed and prepared for battle: Jer 4:13


  •  Israel will be helpless in three ways:

1.            Like the prey of a lion.

2.            Like a person in the midst of a storm            .

3.            Like a person lost in the dark

  •  Darkness means the absence of God:  Micah 3:6
  •  God is light:  1 John 1:5
  • ·When you know God, it is all good: Phil 1:21-2                   


  • ·The scientist calls him the Intelligent designer
  • ·The philosopher calls him the unmoved mover.
  • ·The believer calls him Father.
  •  C.S. Lewis said it comes down to one of three choices; Jesus is either a liar, lunatic or The Lord.

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