Hebrews - A Call to Commitment: Privilege Demands Action
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                         Hebrews – A Call to Commitment:
“Privilege Demands Action”
Hebrews 10:19-25

  •  “Therefore,” sums up all the doctrine he has been expounding upon; Doctrine leads to  action!
  • When Jesus died the curtain separating the Holy place from the most holy place was torn from top to bottom (Mk 15:38)  Like the curtain his body was torn to open the way.
  • This is our authors counterpart to John 14:6; “I am the way…

      We are called to three specific action steps:

1.         Live in a state of Worship (God)

  •  How do we worship?  It’s all about lifestyle here!
  •  Sincerely; Sincere Heart or lowly of heart: Isaiah 57:15
  • The lowly or poor in spirit recognize their spiritual depravity: Mt. 5:3
  • Our spirits and our bodies are saved; 1 Pet 3:21  


2.         Hold on to your Confession of Faith  (World)

  •  It is about our witness to the world.
  • Faith and confession are welded together in Rom 10:9-10
  • Trust in the faithfulness of God:  2 Tim 2:13
  • Our hope is based on God’s unfailing promises.


3.         Spur one another on toward Noble Living (Church)

  •  Christianity is not a lone-ranger faith.
  • “The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.” (Wesley, the Methodist movement.
  • How do we spur?
  • We fellowship together.
  • We are a body; thus, we need to come together.
  • We Encourage not discourage.
  • Why? The clock is ticking: Rom 8:18
  • Godliness with contentment is great gain: 1 Tim 6:6-9

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