Strangers in a Strange Land: Called to Active Duty
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                             Strangers in a Strange Land:
“Called to Active Duty”

                                           1 Pet 4:7-11

Three Aspects of our Duty:

1.         The Motivation for Duty!

  •  Christ's return is imminent and could occur at any moment:  Jam 5:8
  • Jesus taught that his return would be imminent:  Mt. 24:37-39
  •  Our motivation comes from knowing that we will be accountable at any moment: Luke 12:35-40
  • Here is what we know: Acts 1:6-8; 11


2.         The Instructions for Duty

            Three Areas of Instruction:

           1)      Our Attitude: Heavenly perspective!

  • Clear minded and self-controlled implies that we are in our right mind.  We are under control and not carried away with error or emotion: 2Cor 10:5
  •  You have to understand God’s plan in order to pray effectively: Mt. 6:10

           2)      Relationships: Love Deeply

  •  “Above all” emphasizes the supreme importance of love in the Christian life: Mt. 22:37-40
  •  Peter is again repeating this command: 1 Pet 1:22
  •  Our love is not sentimental but sacrificial:1Jn 3:16
  • Peter is thinking of Proverbs 10:12
  • We learn to forgive: Mt. 18:21-22
  •  Love is about action: Rom 12:13
  •  Hospitality is a key characteristic of the true believer; Jesus identifies his sheep: Mt. 25:35-36

            3)  Responsibilities: Faithful Stewardship     

  • The steward was the person in a household (often a slave) who was responsible for managing the householder’s business and property, including providing what was needed for the family members, slaves, and hired laborers: Luke 12:42
  • We all have been gifted (grace) for service: Rom 12:4-8 also 1 Cor.12
  • There are many forms of the gifts all with a function: Eph 4:11-13
  • Speaking gifts are never about human opinion, but about the very words of God: Rom 3:2 The Word of God!
  • Serving gifts are to be exercised not by human power but by God’s strength: Phil 4:13


3.         The Purpose of our Duty: Glorify God! 

  •  Do it all for God’s glory: 1Cor. 10:31   


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