Strangers in a Strange Land: Living in a Hostile Culture
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                    Strangers in a Strange Land:

                      Living in a Hostile Culture 

                                  1 Pet 3:13-17


            Five Keys to living in a Hostile Culture

1.                  A Passion for Goodness:

  • The answer is no one; Peter is focused on the prize: Psalm 56:4
  • What can a mere mortal do to us?  Rom 8:31
  • We belong to God: Mt. 10:28
  • Be eager to do good: (William Barclay)



2.         A Willingness to Suffer: It is a blessing!

  •  Suffering is not the opposite of Blessing: Mt. 5:10-12
  • Suffering leads to maturity: James 1:2-4
  • Do not fear the enemies of God: Isaiah 8:12b
  • The words frighten means to be shaken: Jn. 14:21


3.                  A Devotion to Christ

  •   He is again thinking about Isaiah 8:13



4.                  A Readiness to Defend of the Faith

  •   Defending the faith is about personal testimony, not factual proof:  Luke 4:11-12
  • Paul says, “Speaking the truth in love…(Eph 4:15)”



5.         A Pure Conscience

  •  According to Roman 2:14, even those without God’s written law have an innate moral sense of right and wrong; Yet, human conscience is tainted by sin.
  • At salvation, God cleanses the conscience from its lifelong accumulation of guilt, shame, and self-contempt: Heb 9:14
  • The purpose is again evangelism: 1 Pet 2:12
  • This goes back to the first verse: 1 Pet 3:14; 2:20


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