Isaiah/Part Two: The End of Arrogance
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                         Isaiah/Part Two:

                “The End of Arrogance”

                           Isaiah 13:1-16


  •  Pride is the key sin: Isaiah 2:11
  • Pride exalts us over God: Gen. 11:3-4

   Three Keys Ending Arrogance

1.         God's Rule

  • Babylon represents the world system that stands against God. Rev 14:8
  • They are tools in the hand of God: Isaiah 10:5
  • The early church recognized that God was the Lord of history. Acts 4:27-28
  • Thus, they accepted his direction even if it meant persecution.


2.         God’s Wrath

  • Ultimately it is God that is coming; how foolish to trust in mere humans.  Isaiah 2:22

            Three reactions to God’s Wrath:

             1.      Wailing or Howling:  Amos 5:16

            2.   Fear: Their courage will fail.

            3.   Terror:  It is inevitable like child birth:  1 Thes 5:2-3

  • They are red faced/shamed; They have put their trust in man:  Psalm 25:2-3
  • Who or what are you trusting in?

  •  Because evil prefers darkness, darkness it will have: Joel 2:10
  • God is light: 1 John 1:5
  • But Creation will also be liberated: Rom 8:20-22

3.         God’s Abandonment

            Three results of Abandonment:

            1)    No protection

  • Remember we have abandoned God first: Isaiah 1:4

            2)  No escape  

  • You will be caught and captured.

           3)  No mercy

  • God’s judgment involves getting our way: Rom 1:28


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