Isaiah/Part Two: Pride before the Fall
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                                Isaiah/Part Two:
                          “Pride before the Fall”
                                  Isaiah 9:8-10:4


·        Pride before the fall: Proverbs 16: 18

·        It will fall on Israel with devastating results: Isaiah 55:10-11

·        There is no escape from the Word, all the people will know it: Hos. 9:7  

·        Perhaps they are bragging about their response to an   earlier earthquake, 
         Amos refers to  it in Amos 1:1

·        Amos warned them: Amos 5:11


Four Consequences of Pride and Arrogance:

1.            Political Chaos

·        God’s hand either Judges or guides: Exodus 6:6



2            Leadership Vacuum  

·        God is going to eliminate their leaders: Isaiah 3:1-3

·        Judgment can come at any moment: Mt. 24:42-44

·        They are self-serving.  Isaiah 30:9-11

·        The blind are leading the blind:  Mt. 15:14

·        They have become fools: Ps. 14:1


3.         Social Anarchy

·        We need each other in order to be strong: Eph 3:6




4.            Oppression of the Helpless 


·        The purpose of the legislation was for the denial of justice and the manipulation of justice
          for gain: Amos 5:12

·        Jesus saw the same in his day: Mk. 12:40

·        We are accountable: Mt. 24:45-51

·        Remember how we started: Isaiah 9:8


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