Moonshine Moonshot
Moonshine Moonshot
Aug 30, 2022
S2 Ep. 29 How to come up with ideas for your video projects
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If you’ve ever sat in a boardroom with your colleagues to “brainstorm” a new project, video or campaign, you’ll know how tedious and tiresome coming up with ideas can be. I’m not sure what it is about the word “brainstorming”. But as soon as someone mentions it – POOF. Suddenly every creative thought you’ve ever had vanishes. Your mind goes totally blank and all you can think about is what you packed for lunch. 

I hear this all the time.  I think being told to suddenly ‘get creative’ puts you under a lot of pressure. 

Over the past few years, “brainstorming” has quickly evolved into “ideation”, which in my opinion, is really just a fancy way of saying “coming up with ideas”. When Mike and I were filming a recent episode of Moonshine Moonshot related to this very topic, our trusty voice over guy defined “ideation” as: The formation of ideas or concepts

There you go!  It is just a fancy way of saying “coming up with ideas”. I’m not sure what it is about us communications folk – but sometimes we like to overcomplicate the simplest of things. 

Not to say that coming up with ideas is simple. It never is. But it also doesn’t have to be quite as as laborious or ho-hum as sitting in a windowless meetings room with a white board and a few pastries to keep you focused. 

In this post, I’m sharing some of the ways my team and I come up with ideas for our impact films, feature documentaries and other speciality projects over at Moonshine Agency. 

To give you a heads up  on what you’re in for, I’ll be covering: 

• Research (don’t roll your eyes – I promise it can be really fun and interesting) 

Location research (now I bet that lit your eyes up)

• Pre-interviews with experts in your subject area 

Listen now!

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