Moonshine Moonshot
Moonshine Moonshot
Jul 25, 2022
S2 Ep. 24 Why a format will help you make better videos
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Format. Now that word probably sounds about as sparkly to you as ‘spreadsheet’. Or ‘data analysis’. Or – shudder – ‘budget’ 

But please don’t click pause! I promise you that the context I’m about to use the word format in can excite you. Because in this blog post I’ m steering my focus to video formats. Why? Well, I firmly believe that crafting a video format is one of the best ways to woo your audience and keep them coming back to your content.  

I employ a format for almost every video I create – from 2 minute shorts for my company website, to impact documentary films that are shared on the silver screen, right though to the weekly Moonshine Moonshot series I produce with my co-host Mike Hill.

So what’s the deal with formats? 

For one, they will dictate the general shape of your video. But it shouldn’t be confused with its genre. Let’s say your genre is ‘talk show’. That’s great. It might also run for 27 minutes, starting with a 5 minute guest introduction, followed by a 20 minute conversation and concluding with a 2 minute outro where you thank you guest and ask viewers to tune in next week. Now that’s your format. 

I explain further in the episode. 

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