How to distribute your film
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How to distribute your film? Long gone are the days where engaging a distributor was the key to getting your film out into the word.  

Self-distribution has become far more common and having control over your film and where its shown can have enormous benefits to both yourself as the filmmaker and your audience.  

So what are the ways to distribute your film and what role can a distributor play in the mix? Here are a few:

Video on Demand (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime) 

  • Cinema on Demand (Tugg or Demand Film)
  • Hosted screenings 
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo (has great tools for selling directly to your audience)
  • DVD/ Blu-ray (yes there are still some uses for DVD)
  • Broadcast Television
  • Theatrical release (Cinema) 
  • Social media (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Many of these, particularly Cinema on Demand, Hosted Screenings, YouTube and Social Media you can easily be set up by you aka self-distribution.  You can go direct to broadcasters but this is where a distributor can be really beneficial.  They go to all the markets and have contacts for all the broadcasters around the world.  They’re going to be much better at getting your film in front of the right folks and negotiating deals- this is their specialist area.  Of course, you can do it yourself but it’s extremely time-consuming.  A theatrical release can also be much better handled by a distributor unless you have good contacts to set it up yourself.

It really comes down to you and your hopes for your film.  Where are your audience and what are your goals?  Are you planning a broad release to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible or is it niche and you want a very specific group of people to see it?

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