Marcelo Garcia - The Fasting Episode (or How a Human Can Thrive Without Food for 50 Days)
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My guest today is my insane friend, Marcelo Garcia.

Marcelo is an entrepreneur, health enthusiast, non-profit founder, and explorer (and tech expert, and a million other things). If you notice any discrepancies in audio quality, please forgive us on this one. Marcelo created a makeshift Zoom setup while solo climbing Mount Blanc after weeks of prolonged fasting in order to take this interview, so he's coming at us from the highest campsite in Europe. See what I mean by insane?

Marcelo, originally from Brazil, has traveled to more than 125 countries, and speaks 9 languages. He founded Wisdom Accelerator to encourage the young and ambitious to connect with peer-aged role models and take their wisdom to the next level. ("Doing the right thing at the right time").

But for the sake of this episode, being published in January and certainly on time to catch a lot of New Year's Resolutions during this challenging time of home confinement, we focus on Marcelo's physical transformation through fasting. Just wait until you see what the human body can handle, and just how healthy it is to not eat for a while, every once in a while.

More importantly, it's clear that the limitations we place on ourselves when we lack supposed necessities are far overblown.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Marcelo's decision to take control of his health after reaching borderline obesity
  • The 7-day fast that kickstarted it all
  • His goal to go from obese to looking like Aquaman during quarantine (I wish!)
  • His 50 day stretch without any food and 0 calories
  • His blood test results after extended fasting periods
  • What's he doing climbing Mont Blanc and talking to me?
  • How he lost 40% of his body mass!
  • A recommendation: most healthy people should fast for 7 days, 4 times a year
  • Is physical performance affected during fasting?
  • Should we really make role models of those who ignore their health?
  • His NGO, Wisdom Accelerator, and its effect on youth seeking relatable role models
  • The grit and the willpower are even more satisfying rewards than the weight loss
  • It's okay not to eat sugar because you have plenty of fat.
  • So many of our limitations are simply fabricated.

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LinkedIn: /in/mogawdat

Connect with Marcelo Garcia on Facebook @garcia.marcelo and his website,

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