Horror Brain Podcast: Drag Me to Hell (2009)
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This time on Horror Brain Podcast:
What happens when you trade someone else's wellbeing just to get yourself ahead in life? Well, in Sam Raimi's "Drag Me to Hell", the results are a three-day torment from an evil spirit called the 'Lamia' and a subsequent, titular, dragging to hell. Wronging an old woman that casts curses? We can't say we recommend that. BUT -- we do recommend this movie!

So, hold onto your buttons and avoid all geriatrics with loose dentures and spittle-soaked handkerchiefs. "Drag Me to Hell" is 'splatstick' horror at its peak. Raimi shows off a mastery of horror and humor, all wrapped in a deluge of gross-out gags. While this movie is not nearly as lauded as The Evil Dead series, it definitely deserves a watch.

Our apologies, there are two or three small audio disturbances (probably demon spirits) in this episode -- We promise to perform a seance before the next recording.

Take care and stay amazing!

-Stephen & Hunter

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