Mindfulness and Happiness with Donny Starkins
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How dare I not share my story?

 Donny uses his story to inspire people to share theirs and step into their purpose.

 Donny’s yoga journey started in 2005 by searching for pain relief after seven operations on his left knee and an addiction to pain killers. Fast forward to today, Donny has many years of sobriety and has become one of the dynamic leaders in his industry. He is a professional speaker, teacher, and life coach leading classes, workshops, and seminars all across the world. 

His calm focused instruction and peaceful energy make even the most challenging scenarios possible to work through. 

Donny’s teaching creates an overall connected, grounded, and inspiring experience for all levels of yoga and personal development. 


Sean Corn off the mat into the world


 We cover:

+ Owning your story

+ sobriety, happiness and fulfillment

+ How to discover what your purpose is

+ What to do when you lose your purpose and what happens to your happiness.

+ What to do when you are out of alignment 

+ Mindful self-compassion.

+ The 4 Super Powers of mindfulness and why we need it

+ How we can practice mindfulness

+ Mindful technology

And so much more goodness!

 My biggest takeaway? live in your purpose and happiness comes from within.

Check out his new coaching program, Shift 2 Sobriety.

He also hosts yoga and wellness retreats (I’ll be there in January!)

Action Step:

Action step takes 2 to 5 minutes to meditate or just be still before you look at your phone in the morning. 

Do it consistently for a week its all about consistency and trusting the process. 

if you are used to waking up and looking right at your phone, this will ground you ad allow you to win your morning and not have it start in distraction and reaction

I started this practice over a year ago and it’s been a game-changer. I no longer get triggered by what someone else is doing. A mantra that helped me with this “I create before I consume”




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