How to Use the Law of Attraction in Life with Doug White
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On this episode of The Positively Real Podcast, Brittny sits down with Doug White to talk all things around Law of Attraction. Doug is the former pitching coach and director of pitching for the Los Angeles Angels and prior to that he was the assistant pitching coach for the Houston Astros while also spending time as their pitching coordinator. Most recently, Doug has taken his expertise as a coach and combined it with his passion for personal growth. His understanding and explanation of emotions and the guidance they bring allows each person he works with to harness their individual power to deliberately create their own life.

Doug is a Law of Attraction expert and discusses: 

  • Simple and tangible practices to become more aware of your emotions
  • Differentiating the suffering we create in our minds from our realities
  • The importance of experimenting between thinking and feeling
  • Treating life as a perspective
  • Understanding that everything is a relationship (with food, with teachers, with pets, etc) and how to improve or better said relationships
  • Refining our personal processes to gain results
  • How to know if Law of Attraction is working to your benefit
  • Where to start with Law of Attraction and manifesting
  • And So. Much. More.

Doug’s career has spanned 17 years across 4 organizations leading pitching development and managing infrastructure changes along the way. He’s won 4 championships in his last 6 years as a minor league pitching coach while also being a part of two world series championship organizations. In his free time you will find him surfing the coast of San Diego, reading and writing in a neighborhood cafe, or meditating at his home.

“Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it” - Roald Dahl


Keep It Simple, Smarty Pants by Christine Meyer

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