How to Set Intentions with New Moon Rituals with Shenna Jean
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What do emojis, hot air balloons, being in nature, yoga, the Kansas Jayhawks, live music, rosé and personality assessments all have in common? They are all loved by Shenna Jean. Who is Shenna Jean you ask? She is a Vision Advisor who helps individuals and companies get clarity on what they want and create a vision and cultivate a relationship with their future self to achieve it through tools based in neuroscience and personal development. 

For the upcoming new moon (September 17th, 2020) I wanted to discuss habits, rituals, and specifically, new moon rituals and Shenna is just the gal to teach us all these things! Shenna and I keep it fun but I promise, you won’t be able to listen to this episode without feeling mind blown - and more importantly learn how to get prepared for the new moon cycle in a way that will best serve you!

Sheena and I talk all things around:

  • How neuroscience brings a scientific approach to creating visions and bringing them to life
  • Thought patterns and how they intertwine with our habits
  • Inner-programming and where it comes from
  • The science behind visualization
  • The Reticular Activating System (RAS)
  • Why the new moon is a good time to set intentions 
  • Different rituals you can perform for the new moon (such as cleaning or tidying your space,  visualizing your future self, and more)
  • And so much more!

Shenna is a personal development junkie living in Colorado and loves tacos, dance parties, yoga, and rosé.

ACTION STEP: Pick one or do all three but whatever you choose to do, be intentional with it! 1) clean your space (can be as minimal as tidying or as extreme as deep cleaning) 2) set an intention for  your month. Write it down. What is it that you want to look back on and feel like  you nailed in one month? 3) do a tleast one thing that you want to call in more of (meditating, running, better sex, etc)


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