Three tips for public health professionals starting out their careers, with Sujani Siva
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Show Notes

In this episode, Sujani shares a presentation she did last year to the ThriveHire audience. Having recently found this video, and listening to it again now almost a year later, we felt that the advice couldn’t be any more important right now. So we decided to put it up here on our podcast, as well as a little bit about our Infographics 101 course that ties in with tip #3. So, enjoy this episode, brought to you by Sujani, from the past 😉

You’ll Learn

  • Sujani’s three tips for public health professionals starting out their careers
  • Tip #1: Constantly think about building your network
    • People and relationships will take you places: job opportunities, mentorship/advice, etc.
  • Tip #2: Reflect, set goals, reflect some more & set more goals (and repeat)
    • Look back, so you can look forward
  • Tip #3: Make yourself stand out & shine
    • How can you add value to your organization and make yourself stand out? And be valued?
    • Developing a unique skill is one way to make yourself stand out, for example, being the one who can design infographics


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