TrainRight Podcast
TrainRight Podcast
Oct 20, 2020
Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Endurance Training With Dirk Friel & Ryan Cooper
1 hr 17 min

About this episode:

In this week’s episode, coach Adam talks with TrainingPeaks co-founder Dirk Friel and TrainingPeaks Cheif Scientist and Best Bike Split Founder Ryan Cooper about how technology is evolving and how artificial intelligence will influence the way endurance athletes train in the future.

Guests – Dirk Friel and Ryan Cooper:

Dirk Friel is a former professional cyclist, co-founder of TrainingPeaks, and now Peaksware Chief Evangelist. Ryan Cooper is the founder of Best Bike Split and Cheif Scientist for TrainingPeaks.

Episode Highlights:

  • How artificial intelligence will change athletes' training
  • How the coach-athlete relationship is changing with new technologies
  • The history of TrainingPeaks and what its future looks like

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Put Your Socks On | PYSO
Put Your Socks On | PYSO
PYSO, ep. 81: UCI innovation manager Michael Rogers on progress and regulation
The Lugano Charter, constructed in 1996, formed the UCI's basis for regulation of bike technology with a noble ideal: the rider, not his or her access to technology, should determine who wins a bike race. The devil, as always, is in the details. Now, Michael "Mick" Rogers, a three-time world time trial champion, is tasked with guiding the regulation of bicycle equipment and clothing as innovation manager at the UCI. Rogers got his start in big-time racing with Mapei in 2000. He proceeded to have a successful career with Quick-Step, T-Mobile, Team Sky and Saxo-Tinkoff before retiring in 2016. In addition to having world-class physiology, Rogers was also fascinated with the physics and mathematics at play in bike racing, whether that was in the mechanics of a long sprint leadout train, or in the interconnected variables of a fast time trial position. At T-Mobile, which became HTC, Rogers said "we were one of the the teams to really master the leadout train. If we go back into the mid ’90s with [Marco] Cipollini and Saeco, they revolutionized the leadout train. At HTC, we took that that one step further, we started to understand some of the mathematics. We started to understand that when we were riding on the front, with two or three kilometers to go, we're at 60 plus K an hour — the amount of energy that the riders behind us would would need to come up beside Mark Cavendish was going to have a massive effect on the actual sprint." Rogers' real-world studying later included time racing at Team Sky, a team famous for its analysis and methodical racing tactics. Rogers talks about how the team could be so effective when riding in coordination. "It just kind of came down to, we knew what we were good at as riders," Rogers said of being able to reel in breakaways and attacking riders with confidence. "Simple math — when we were riding at our threshold, the power values and very high power to weight ratios. We knew that anyone riding out over that threshold, to be able to open up a large enough gap, the amount of energy required to put in is almost for most people unbearable. When you're attacking on some of these climbs, you might have to ride at 600 650 watts for for 30 to 40 seconds. And there's only a handful of guys that can withstand that kind of intensity for anything longer than a minute. So it's simple math, they're going to come back." Now at the UCI, Rogers and his coworkers are tasked with keeping up to speed with a sport that is changing rapidly. "We are aware that cycling must progress. There must be evolution," Rogers said. How that looks, and how a level playing field can be enforces among teams and nations with varying levels of financial ability, will be an ongoing challenge. Tune in to this episode of Put Your Socks On to hear Rogers' thoughts on the challenges and the excitement of regulating bike racing heading into a new world of cycling.
57 min
Purple Patch Podcast
Purple Patch Podcast
Matt Dixon
145 Prepping Your Best Performance in 2021
Let’s set a framework for 2021 and to do so, it's important to know that what you do in the next nine to 12 weeks will likely determine your performance success for all of 2021. This year especially, you cannot rely on re-running prior experiences or approaches to thrive going forward. You must learn lessons from adversity, plan within the context of your realities, and you must deploy some incremental aspects of your performance that -- perhaps -- were not important to you in prior years. This episode is all about the Postseason, or the Preparatory Phase. We don't train in the upcoming months. Instead, we prepare to train for the year ahead. How? * Providing specific focus and action items to focus on NOW -- and the coming two-three months. * Ensuring that our training and habit creation in the coming weeks and months are not rushed. * Applying focus with a long-term lens. * Developing a mindset of preparing the body to do the work over DOING the work. Matt dives into two case studies of real-life athletes who have vastly different goals for 2021, but must employ a similar approach and athletic mindset to develop skills, resilience, and consistency. If this part is done well, then the actual goal you establish will yield great joy, but it is who and what you become as you navigate the journey that is the most important yield. Keep this in mind, as this is the gold! Purple Patch Resources Sign up for the Performance Academy to receive Education, Community and Bonus Content Thanks for taking a listen and, if you like what you hear, please subscribe, share, rate and review. Your feedback is appreciated. Subscribe to the Purple Patch Podcast: Apple Podcasts Spotify Amazon Music
53 min
Cycling in Alignment
Cycling in Alignment
Colby Pearce
29: Daniel Holloway: Surviving the Six Days
Daniel Holloway is a professional cyclist who races for Texas Roadhouse and is a 20 x US National Champion, a Pan Am Games gold medalist, and a member of the US National Long team for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. I met Daniel when he was a junior racing on the track, sometime around 2004. Years later, when I had the opportunity to race some of the European six days, I needed a partner, and Daniel ended up being the man for the job. He was one of the youngest riders in the field at our first Six Day in Dortmund, and I was one of the older riders in the peloton. I think it is quite accurate to say we really had no idea what the hell we were doing. Together we stumbled our way through 4 seasons of racing Sixes, World Cups, and World Championships together. We had wins, crashes, DNF’s, lots of laughs, and one moment that was pretty close to a fistfight. I thought having Daniel on the show would be the perfect excuse to tell some entertaining stories, and also to help my audience understand the archaic and iconic world of European Six Day racing.  Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team | Elite Bicycle Racing Team PEZ Talk: Six Day Man Colby Pearce – PezCycling News The Time Capsule: Colby Pearce - An American Team in the Six Days Six Day Cycling - Hong Kong 2019
1 hr 17 min
Successful Athletes Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad
Successful Athletes Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad
+41w and Ultra-Endurance on Low-Volume Training with Doug Moore – Successful Athletes Podcast 28
Doug Moore raised his FTP by 41 watts with TrainerRoad while training for a multi-day 415 mile ride across the state of Utah, all while being a busy father of 5 with a demanding career and a farm to take care of. Find out how he balanced his training and made low volume training work for ultra endurance in episode 28 of the Successful Athletes Podcast. * Continue the discussion on the TrainerRoad Forum: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals * Build Your Custom Plan: * Train Together with Group Workouts: * Get Started: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATHLETE INTERVIEWS THAT MAKE YOU FASTER The Successful Athletes Podcast dissects the preparation and execution of outstanding performances by TrainerRoad athletes. From world record performances to personal records and life changing health improvements, get an inside look at what it takes to get faster. * Subscribe to the Successful Athletes Podcast on iTunes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * How Doug trains with a busy schedule * How Doug raised his FTP 41w using TrainerRoad * Why Doug picked a low-volume training plan to prepare for ultra-endurance racing * What changes Doug had to make to his training after getting injured * What Doug learned riding across the state of Utah ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TRAINERROAD * Facebook: * Instagram: * Twitter: • Strava Club:
42 min
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron
#431 - How We Coach and Run Our Business
You have permission to believe. Today, we talk about coaching and how we approach coaching, both with athletes and ourselves. We also talk about our business model, which we’re sure a lot of people will question. In essence, we believe in going with our gut, even if (sometimes especially if) that means we’re bucking the trends. Plus, previews and predictions for Challenge Daytona. Topics: * Don’t forget to check out our C26 Club Program where we plan your entire 2021 Race Season for $349. * Mike is attempting to be an athlete again * Ups and downs of training cycles * Wade in slowly and do what feels right * Getting back to the basics * The intersection of mental and physical energy * There’s only so much you can do * When your mind is in 100% overdrive * "Genius is the person who can most truly be who they are." * Mike’s road from athlete to artist to musician back to athlete * No one cares as much as you care * Our job is to help them become happy with what they do * Your workouts are for you, not us * The rah rah is at a minimum * When our goals start to pinball * Don’t get distracted and stay true to your principles * Investing in our athletes for the best experience possible * Following our gut instincts * Inspiration that comes naturally * Changing the world with memes? * Following your own lead and building that confidence * When you’re in the Zone, everyone knows it * Local people think our gym is a big flop * Why it’s important to lose fitness sometimes * An athlete’s addiction to driving themselves into the ground * Addicted to training or Getting Better?? * We have to have confidence to take rest * Why athletes get injured * Why CHALLENGE DAYTONA is a MUST WATCH * Coach Robbie’s prediction for the podium at Challenge Daytona * Check out the C26 Club Program for 2021! --------------- * Registration is now open for the C26 Club Training Program. Take the worry and stress out of your 2021 season. For more information, please visit * Looking for a swim analysis, personalized zones for training, and an awesome experience? Check out our New C26 Hub Training Center in Chattanooga. * C26 Gear is now available (for a limited time) at A great way to support the podcast! * Looking for an awesome coach? Former Professional triathlete, Jessica Jacobs is now coaching for C26 Triathlon. Check out her bio and contact information at our Coaching Page on Big Shout out to podcast listener and Wordpress designer Bobby Hughes for helping get the new off the ground. If you like what you see and may need a website, check out Bobby’s work at You can also slide by which is now the official blog page for the podcast. Community and coaching information are at Our 2020 C26 Camps are sold out (other than swim camp) Find out more on our Camps Page. If you'd like to support the Crushing Iron Podcast, hit up our Pledge Page and help us keep this podcast on the rails. Thanks in advance! Are you thinking about raising your game or getting started in triathlon with a coach? Check out our Crushing Iron Coaching Philosophy Video Please subscribe and rate Crushing Iron on YouTube and iTunes. For information on the C26 Coach’s Eye custom swim analysis, coaching, or training camps email: Facebook: CrushingIron YouTube: Crushing Iron Twitter: CrushingIron Instagram: C26_Triathlon Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -
1 hr
The Physical Performance Show
The Physical Performance Show
Brad Beer
246: Featured Performer Miles Stewart (OAM), CEO Triathlon Australia, OLY, 1991 World Triathlon Champion
As a junior triathlete through the 90s, Miles Stewart was one of the most prominent names in the sport. Earlier this year in 2020 Miles was recognised with an Order of Australia medal (OAM) for his service to triathlon and sports administration a fitting honour for someone who has been around the sport for 35 years plus. Prior to Miles’ administrative career Miles’s sporting resume was so impressive. Miles became the world champion at 20 years of age in 1991. Prior to that, as you'll hear miles outline he had great success from the get go racing immediately as a professional athlete on commencing the sport as a junior. Miles was part of triathlons debut in the Olympic Games as part of the Australian team at the Sydney Olympic 2000 games, crossing the line as the first place male finisher in sixth place. In addition, Miles picked up a silver medal at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games triathlon, 8 World Cup Triathlon wins, 1 World Series win in 1996 and 2 ITU World Championship bronze medals in 1998 and 1999. Of course, Miles became the world champion in the 1991 World Triathlon Championships held on the Gold Coast at just 20 years of age. And quite incredibly, as you'll hear Miles outline, he was a member of the Australian Elite Team for the World Championships across 16 consecutive years. During today's episode, you'll hear miles touch on the highs, the lows and the many learnings from his 20 year career as a professional triathlete. You'll hear Miles mention that he never raced in the juniors instead, he was straight to the professional ranks. Miles shares around the emotions of the Sydney Olympic 2000 debut and the reasons why he was only notified that he'd be racing 72 hours prior to the Olympic Games. Miles shares around what drove him as an athlete to achieve such great success. Keys in staying injury free and Miles shares some thoughts around the art and science of coaching. Show Sponsor: Endure IQ Whether you’re an athlete or coach, ENDURE IQ aims to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to optimise your sports performance. To get you started ENDURE IQ will gift you $25 towards your first ENDURE IQ purchase - use the code BRADBEER at the checkout. Information is useful, but knowing how to use it is powerful. ENDURE IQ - hitting the sweet spot of performance, health and enjoyment. Visit If you enjoyed this episode of The Physical Performance Show please hit SUBSCRIBE for to ensure you are one of the first to future episodes. Jump over to POGO Physio - for more details Follow @Brad_Beer Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat Please direct any questions, comments, and feedback to the above social media handles.
55 min
Simon Ward, The Triathlon Coach Podcast Channel
Simon Ward, The Triathlon Coach Podcast Channel
Simon Ward
Female Specific Nutrition * Simon Ward and Dina Griffin
Boulder isn’t just a great place for triathletes to hang out. These days it seems like a large number of my guests also hang out there including today’s guest, Dina Griffin. Dina is a sports dietician who not only addresses needs related to disease and illness but also takes a proactive approach in optimizing health to prevent disease, deficiencies, and breakdowns via personalized sports nutrition coaching, consulting, and physiology testing. I have specifically invited her onto the show to chat about nutrition for female athletes. I first met Dina, virtually of course, when she presented this topic to a group of TrainingPeaks coaches a few weeks back and I thought, why have we never had a guest on to speak about this? So here she is and it’s another great conversation as we discuss: * Why nutrition education is an important first step to improving your health and performance * Key differences to female physiology in Pre, peri, and post menopause * The differences in nutritional approach during each phase * How and what to adjust in your nutrition programme during the low and high hormone phases of your monthly cycle * Some training alterations you might want to consider during the same phase * Benefits of protein and why you should probably eat more * Lift Heavy Stuff regardless of your age (TIP: The third time this topic has come up. If you haven’t got the message yet….) * Gut health and why focussing on this in your 30’s will help during peri-menopause * Supplements - should you take them and if so which ones To find out more about Dina Griffin, please visit her website You can also find Dina on: Instagram - Facebook - We covered several other subjects during the show and here are some of the links: Recent podcast on Gut Health with Bella Lindeman FitRWoman app - track your period and train smarter WildAI - turn your menstrual cycle into an advantage Feed Zone Portables A cookbook of on the go food for athletes Feed Zone Cook Book Fast & favourable food for athletes To find out more about Simon’s SWAT programme, please click HERE Visit Simon's website for more information about his coaching programmes Links to all of Simon's social media channels can be found here For any questions please email
1 hr 31 min
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