Top 5 places for us to visit after the Corona Virus
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Introduction to "Top 5 places for us to visit after the Corona Virus "

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki wanted to make a different kind of episode this time, by sharing to their audience what places they look forward to, to visiting once travel restrictions have been lifted. They share what type of traveler they are, whether they prefer a tropical vacation or an urban vacation or even visit mountains.

Each host talks about the top 5 places they would like to visit the most and why they want to travel to that specific location.

Podcast Episode Summary

    Alexander's top 5 places

  • Maldives
    • Paradise
    • Luxurious Underwater Villas
  • Tanzania
    • Safari
    • Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Masai Warriors
  • Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
    • Football Culture 
    • Carnival
    • Christ the Redeemer 
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires
    • Steaks 
    • Street Culture
  • Hawaii
    • laid-back culture
    • White Sand Beaches
    • Weather

Nikki's Top 5 Places

  • Germany, Berlin
    • meet friends
    • alternate lifestyle
  • Scotland
    • friendly people
    • not great weather but it makes up for it
  • South Korea
    • meet a close a friend
    • South Korea trip
  • Kazakhstan
    • Nikki's girlfriend is from there
  • South of Germany
    • Visit relatives

     Garry's Top 5 places

  • Russia, Moscow 
    • Visit Family
    • See the rest of Russia  (Trans-Siberian Train)
  • Canada, Montreal/USA
    • Visit friends
    • see the culture differences
  • China, Beijing
    • since Garry's Mother visited China 
    • wants to experience the culture
  • Vietnam/Philippines    - South east Asia
    • Influenced by friends who lived there
  • South Africa
    • heard a lot of interesting things about SA
  • South America - Argentina, Peru and Brazil
    • Machu-Pichu
    • Potato 
    • Carnival 


Alexander - "...what i am also very interested in are the Masai Warriors..."
Garry - "...the potato comes from Peru and they have the highest amount of variety of potatoes..."
Nikki - "...Berlin is supposed to be easy-going and yet quite vibrant..."

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