What Movies and TV Shows do we watch and recommend
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Introduction to "What Movies and TV Shows do we watch and recommend"
n this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki share with their audience what movies and TV shows they watch during the time of the corona virus. Since many movie and tv show productions have been halted, there will most probably come a time not far from now, where new shows and movies will become scarce, and the hosts wanted to share what is worth watching at the moment, whether it is considered new or a classic. The hosts also share what genre they look out for the most and what they look for in a new show or movie. Each movie and TV show will be shortly discussed and summarized. Apologies for some spoilers!!!

The hosts take the audience through all various streaming platforms (legal and illegal) and highlight certain productions that have caught the hosts' attention. We do not know how long this crisis will carry on for, but be sure not to binge watch all your shows to save some for a later time in case a second wave of the corona virus were to hit.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Coffee and Kareem (Netflix)
  • Community
  • Casino
  • Las Vegas
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Tiger King (Netflix) 
    • Trending Documentary show on Netflix 
    • Blowing up on Social Media 
  • The Expanse
  • Lost in Space
  • all Star Trek video content 
  • Bad Boys: For Life
  • The Invisible Man
  • The Impossible
  • Van Wilder
  •  The Grand Tour Presents : Seaman
  • The Ozark
  • Mini Series: Love, Death & Robot
  • the story of god
  • Brews Brothers (Netflix)
  • Almazan Kitchen (YouTube)
  • Cooked with Cannabis (Netflix)


Alexander - "...it's hilarious what they have to go through and how they make their beer..."
Garry - "...i think one episode is called the death of Hitler..."
Nikki - "...my favorite cooking channel on YouTube is Almazan kitchen..."

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