Most Dangerous and Controversial Places to visit or to live in
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Introduction to "Most Dangerous and Controversial Places to visit or to live in"

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki look up the most dangerous and controversial countries and places to live in or to visit. Two of the hosts both have lived in 7 countries and some are among the countries deemed dangerous to visit. They share their experience on how it was living in these countries in question and compare the information available online with what they were exposed to.
They go through some lists of dangerous countries, that were collected from various sources (In the "Recommended Sources" tab), talk about why these countries are controversial for tourists to visit or expats to live in and share additional information that the hosts gathered on any specific country.
For some experienced travelers, they know that some countries are more dangerous than what is stated and some less dangerous. The hosts mention of some YouTubers visiting countries that their government indicated to not visit, but realized that the locals were nothing like the warning had indicated.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • .International SOS - medical and travel security risk services company 
  • Lists of dangerous countries sourced from UK Independent and Forbes
  • Ratings include a wide variety of factors
    • political violence
    • terrorism
    • ethnic violence
    • infrastructure
    • natural disasters
    • security and emergency effectiveness 
  • Extreme Tourism
  • Mitsubishi Island
  • Armed conflict countries
  • Popular Tourist destinations that are actually considered dangerous to visit/live in
  • Expats sharing their experience living in these dangerous countries 
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia - Personal Experience with Gang Violence
  • Thailand - Chatuchak Market


Alexander - "...if you are that type of tourists that requires a little bit of adrenaline and is an adventure seeker then yeah sure go with a local tour guide that has the balls to go deep enough.....i mean that sounded wrong but yeah..."

Garry - "...Yemen is a hard situation because its rebels versus the government and you have Saudi Arabia in play..."

Nikki - "...Osama bin Laden for example was actually hiding in Pakistan..."

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