EP 34: Brooks Musangu- Phd Student in Nuclear Physics
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Brooks Musangu is a PhD student in nuclear physics. He is originally from Zambia and is now studying in America. Before college, he was introduced to the United States Achievers program that picked the best-performing students from Zambia to study in America. In this episode, we learn that he's currently a PhD student in nuclear physics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, USA. He is studying low energy experimental nuclear physics. Specifically, studying the nuclear structure of neutron-rich nuclei. He explains this research in detail and the significance of the research. Brooks talks us through a typical day in the lab (pre-COVID) ,and some of the opportunities being in STEM have afforded him. Lastly, we discuss the "hot topic" of young Africans who study abroad, who tend to set firm roots in the new country with some not returning to their country of origin. We get his take on this controversial topic. Take a listen to hear about all this and so much more! 

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