Thinking Nutrition
Thinking Nutrition
Oct 26, 2020
Sleeping your way to better health
16 min

Sleep is like good nutrition for your brain. Poor sleep is like putting your brain on a junk food diet – literally. Now a growing pool of research is linking poor sleep habits and disrupted sleep patterns from shift work with adverse health problems that include obesity and metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In this podcast, I’ll look at the sleep-health connection and explain what disrupted sleep could be doing to your food habits, hormones and weight.  

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Logical Weight Loss
Logical Weight Loss
Dave Jackson
Understanding Your Metabolism with Lumen
Today I cover a few topics such as Net Carb, Using a Lumen, and What is 75 Tough? -------- WEIGH IN -------- In my last episode I was 229, and after going up after Thanksgiving, I am back to 229 (so I'm the same). I am exercising more, and watching what I eat to I highly expect to be down next episode. ------------------------- Am I Burning Carbs or Fat ------------------------- I've always viewed cards as kindling and fat is the "logs" of a fire. You need the kindling to start the fire, but to really stay warm you need to logs to catch fire. So you need both carbs and fat, but how do you know if you are burning carbs or fat? --------------------------------------- The Lumen Shows You What You're Burning --------------------------------------- I've been using this, and it takes all of five minutes to breath into the device in the morning, and it lets you know how you're doing, and what to do to achieve your goal. It somewhat looks like you are vaping. The device is scientifically proven to be accurate. It's not a toy, and previously this kind of test was only done at a medical facility and now you can do it at home. (right not there is a black Friday sale, and it rarely - if ever- goes on sale. When you adjust your diet to start burning fat more efficiently, you know you're heading it the right direction. For more information see ( ) ---------------------- 75 Tough - What Is it? ---------------------- 75 Tough is a challenge from Andy Frisella where for 75 days you are required to: * Read 10 pages * Follow a diet * Abstain from alcohol or cheat meals * Drink 1 gallon of water (128 ounces) * Take a progress picture * Perform two 45 minute workouts * One workout must be outside. You can also add your own personal items if you'd like. The program is designed to build the mental toughness and self-confidence that you will need to live your best life. When you sign up at ( ) he will attempt to get your to buy his book for $20 (beware on Amazon people are trying to sell you counterfeit versions) and listen to his podcast ( ) (he is a bit of a "brah" for me. Then they want you to download his free app. I can say that so far I have not spent any money (I am going to buy the book) and I'm not receiving a bunch of spam. There is a voice in my head that laughs just thinking about doing this, but there is only way to know if you can do it. If you want to try go to ( ) ----------------------- Become a Logical Loser? ----------------------- If you want more motivation, accountability and/or want to support the show become a Logical Loser for $5/month at ( )
20 min
All About Fitness
All About Fitness
Pete McCall
Understanding the Hormones that Produce Results from Exercise
Hormones influence a number of different cellular functions, however, they only interact with specific receptor sites. Hormones control physiological functions including: energy metabolism - how the food we eat gets turned into muscle activity (i.e. burning fat), reproductive processes, mood (and overall mental state) and muscle growth, specifically the process of muscle protein synthesis. This Quick Fit Tip identifies important hormones your body produces in response to exercise; understanding how exercise influences the hormones that control physiological functions can help you identify the best exercises for your goals. To learn how hormones affect the over-40 body specifically, FOLLOW THIS LINK to a recorded education webinar ($20) that provides 0.3 continuing education credits for fitness professionals. Read the full blog - with additional links to more info on how exercise influences your hormones - HERE Join Pete for 30 min. HIIT Workouts from the comfort of your own home! Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm pacific / 3pm eastern, only $10 FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR DETAILS All About Fitness does not take advertiser dollars, nor will it hide valuable content behind a pay wall; purchasing content will support the podcast and help you learn how exercise can enhance your quality of life. Your purchase will make you eligible to receive exclusive content AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Become a Fan of All About Fitness by purchasing one of the e-books: Exercise for the Fountain of Youth - $7 Functional Core Training - $7 Dynamic Anatomy - $7 Become a Supporter of All About Fitness by purchasing one of the workout programs: 8 week Dumbbell Strength Training - $12 8 week Kettlebell Conditioning - $12 8 week Functional Core Strength Training - $12 Become a SuperFan of All About Fitness by purchasing one of the bundles: Functional Core Training and Dynamic Anatomy - $12 Dynamic Anatomy and Core Training Workout Bundle - $19 Dynamic Anatomy recorded webinar and e-book - $19 If you are a fitness professional, you can earn CECs with one of the following courses, approved for continuing education credits by the American Council on Exercise: Dynamic Anatomy: Learn how the muscles and fascia function as an integrated system and how to use that information to design the workout programs that deliver results for your clients. 0.2 CECs - $29 Glute Reboot: Learn how the most visible muscles in your body work as well as a variety of exercises to help them function (and look) better 0.2 CECs - $29 Total Body Core Training: Learn the science of exercise program design and how to apply it to build a stronger core from the inside out. 0.4 CECs - $67 Want to learn how to design your own programs to slow down the effects of the aging process? Invest in a copy of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple Besides the podcast interviews, the following content is available to you at no cost: - sign up for the mailing list to receive a free chapter and workout from Smarter Workouts Need workout ideas? Follow the All About Fitness Podcast channel on YouTube for workout solutions that can enhance your quality of life! Follow @PeteMcCall_fitness on Instagram for great exercise ideas, workout programs and to see my senior picture from my high school yearbook.
27 min
Real Life Weight Loss
Real Life Weight Loss
Corey Little
Most People Have This Backwards [Change It and Change Your Life]
For 20 years I’ve been teaching people how to lose weight. I teach them all about nutrition … all about exercise … all about how to make it practical and doable. You name it and over the past 20 years I’ve probably helped someone do it. I’ve learned a TON over two decades, but one huge thing just sticks out. It stands way above all of the other things I’ve learned. So what is it?  What is the #1 thing I’ve learned and noticed? Most people have it backwards.   More specifically - most people have ONE key element of this whole weight loss thing totally backwards. In this episode, I’m going to pull back the curtain and tell you what they get backwards and then it’s your choice.  Forewarning - you probably won’t agree at first. And that’s okay. That’s the reaction I normally get. But eventually … people who stick with it long enough will discover the truth of what I share. Or they just constantly chase their tail and continue pursuing weight loss in different versions of the same miserable way. Ready to get it right and change your life? Let's do it!   COREY LITTLE COACHING INSTAGRAM: (   COREY LITTLE COACHING FACEBOOK: (   COREY LITTLE COACHING ONLINE: (   HOW TO POST PODCAST REVIEW:   FREE CATALYST AUDIO PROGRAM: (
24 min
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward
Eat to Win with performance chef, Hannah Grant
On today’s podcast, I am joined by special guest, performance chef, Hannah Grant. Hannah is the team chef on the pro cycling tour and, just recently, filmed the gripping Amazon Prime series Eat Race Win. On today’s podcast, Hannah and I start by discussing what made her want to become a chef and how she made the leap from chef to performance-based chef. We then talk about the concept “food is your fuel, your conditioning agent and your recovery” before moving onto how she creates delicious recipes for some of the world’s top athletes. She tells our listeners her top tips for creating delicious yet healthy meals at home and how to make veggies taste better. We chat about how she comes up with unique recipes for her athletes with different tastes, allergies and intolerances and requirements. Finally, we end the podcast with her connection to another special podcast guest, Dr Stacy Sims and how they work together to benefit their athletes. To follow Hannah on Instagram, head to @dailystews on Instagram or, to check out Hannah's cookbooks, head to her website and use the code “leanneward” for a discount. Please subscribe and leave me a review If you enjoyed this podcast, please tag me and share it in your Instagram stories and leave me a positive rating or review in the purple Apple Podcast app (in the rating & reviews section underneath the episode lists). This really helps my podcast get prioritised by Apple and helps me disseminate evidence based information to the people that need it the most! Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast so you never miss an episode!
1 hr 3 min
The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni
55 | The LCK Method to Optimal Hormones, Health and Body Image
Have you ever struggled with gut health issues? What about hormone issues? Maybe even body image struggles? You are not alone. Learn from podcast guest, Laurie Christine King, Austin’s #1 personal trainer and nutritionist, as she opens up about her personal journey, what she’s learned and her recommendations to finally take control back of your own health and body. Listen towards the end to even hear from Doc Jen and Dr. Dom’s experience with some of these health struggles. Get 50% OFF the entire first year of The Optimal Body Membership THIS WEEK ONLY!! Check it out here: No code necessary! Ends Friday, December 4, 2020 What You Will Learn in This Interview with Laurie Christine King:@lauriechristineking 02:38 – Laurie’s goal for putting out the information that she does 07:30–Why  are hormones important to pay attention to? 10:50 – Why Laurie started creating content and who she started creating content for 13:14–Why weight training? Is it important for women? 20:14 – Authenticity and credibility with coaches on the internet 21:50 –Laurie’s experience with hormonal birth control - How long it took her to get where she’s at today 23:24 – Laurie’s experience with gut health and information about gut testing 27:17 – Laurie’s experience with hormone replacement therapy and what to expect 32:10 – Where Laurie recommends people to start if faced with these types of issues 34:26 – Laurie’s message to those who obsess over fitness 38:26 – What Laurie believes every woman should be educated on 44:09 – The difference between a smart doctor and a good doctor 45:53 – Different types of thyroid tests and when’s the best time to get them as a woman 48:28 – Optimal thyroid ranges to pay attention to 50:41 – Laurie’s recommendation for gut health plan 55:11 – Laurie’s view on birth control for the body 58:54 – Dr. Dom’s experience and story with food and weight training 1:04:23 – Laurie’s current body need: mobility! 1:07:11 – How to find more information about Laurie Items mentioned in this episode include: Paragon Training Instagram: Laurie’s Website: Paragon Training Website: Laurie’s YouTube: Paragon Training YouTube: Laurie’s Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, & More Learn more about Laurie in the full show notes: --- Send in a voice message:
1 hr 9 min
How to Love Your Body
How to Love Your Body
The Body Love Society
Ep 135 - The problem with Noom
Welcome to how to love your body! Today’s episode is all about Noom, how it’s different, how it’s not and the trouble with pretty much everything they’re doing! Note: You may notice our new podcast art! Don’t be alarmed it’s just us with a fun new cover by DrawnbyMary on Instagram! This episode is brought to you by our 5 Day Mindset Boost Series that you can get at . This will help you work on releasing the dieting mindset which is a hugely important part of the UnDieting process. Alright let’s Noom it up. For those who don’t know what is Noom? From my understanding it is a diet app created by psychologists - and it’s most defining feature is that it is psychology based. It’s branding is very strong and people really see it as something totally different from other diets. I was at a networking event once and someone asked me what I do, I told them I was an intuitive eating counsellor and I help people stop dieting and have a healthier relationship with food. Their response was - oh like Noom??//??? Forehead slap. As I did a bit more research for this episode Noom was actually created by 2 engineers, not psychologists. Yes perhaps they consult with psychologists but that’s not who created it. This app has 50 million users and to quote “The company aims to help reinforce positive decision-making to improve the lives and health of its users.” Where does the psychology come in? Let us take you through the journey on their website it says - find out what's possible with Noom’s psychology based evaluation and your 2 choices are Get fit for good and lose weight for good. (Yeah okay sure) You then have to enter your weight and height (AKA BMI) - seeing the psychology yet? Yeah me neither. It then asks ME what my ideal weight is (aka pick an arbitrary number ) - I deliberately picked a weight that is underweight for me to see what they’d say, the response was congratulations you set your first goal! Then as I click through it says Noom creates long term results through habit and behavior change, not restrictive dieting… yeah okay, you know what behavior they want you to change? Eating food. Then it says - Women in their 30s who want to reach an ideal weight between xxlb. and xx lb. (numbers that are too low for most grown women) especially tall women. Need a different strategy depending on their current lifestyle and then they ask me if i'm active have healthy habits (what the hell does that mean) Then As a Woman in your 30s, the specific combination of foods you eat can have a huge impact on your ability to burn fat. Which of the following best describes your typical lunch? As I go through the quiz they say Sticking to a plan can be hard, but Noom makes it easy - how? Nobody knows - this is no different than any diet ever. They claim I can lose 50 lbs in 6 months (and keep it off HAHA) Then I answered a few more questions and they moved my 50 lb weight loss up by a month - what the hell Oh wow answered a few more questions now I’m going to lose 50 lbs another 2 weeks sooner! Now we get to the first mention of psychology and it says they'll send me articles? And that there are no good or bad foods, just green and red foods - oh ef off! Everyone falls off the wagon sometimes, we’ll help you get back on track They claim to use cognitive behavioral therapy and they are asking a bunch of questions in order to help me “control my triggers” to eating. And they use the TRUE findings that yo-yo dieting results in weight gain over time. This is so manipulative, if they mention it then THEY must be different but what’s different here? From people we’ve talked to they almost always recommend 1100-1200 calories for everyone no matter what you answer to all these questions and it’s supposedly personalized. The onboarding process seems so promising, it really does look and feel different than another diet but we need to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing here. Then I have to pay before I can see any details (which I am not willing to do because there are a lot of stories out there about people trying to cancel with Noom and not being able to). So what are the issues here: * The worst part of Noom is their claim of being “psychology based” . THIS is the main issue we have with Noom. There are a million diets and diet apps out there like Noom that give you a set amount of calories, where you can track your food intake and workouts, that is nothing new, it’s the fact that they are tricking people into thinking this is something different that is the problem. Many people have asked us but what about Noom and unfortunately a TON of people have actually joined and got caught up in it just to realize its the same as any other diet. It preys on people trying to get out of the diet cycle but just lures them right back in. * YOU choose the weight you want to be - there’s no mention of being underweight or suggestion that you don’t need to lose weight. This doesn’t have your best interests at heart, it’s just another million dollar company looking to make a dollar off your desire to lose weight to fit into what our culture says is the right way to have a body * THE ONLY part that is so called psychology is when they send some articles to read so it’s really just a diet with homework. This will not give you any results that any other diet couldn’t give you. It’s restrictive, it’s unhealthy and it’s 100% focused on losing weight (even if you pick the get fit option and not the weight loss option they still make you enter a weight loss goal). Steer clear of Noom and warn anyone who thinks that it’s different because of their psychology claims! If you really do want to escape the diet cycle our 5 day UnDiet mindset boost series is available at PS - Look out for The Body Love Society Intuitive Eating and Body Image Support App coming 2021 if you actually want to stop dieting and find food and body freedom (AND it’s more affordable than Noom too :) ) See you next week!
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