Thinking Nutrition
Thinking Nutrition
Aug 24, 2020
Detox diets: their pros and cons
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Detox or liver cleansing diets have been around for many years. With astonishing claims of rapid and easy weight loss, improved health, and more energy, they offer the ultimate quick fix to get you healthy again. In this podcast, I will give you the essential guide to detox diets, look at the claims made versus the reality and outline my list of pros and cons for anyone considering going on a cleanse. 

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UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae
UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae
Kerwin Rae
The hidden power of mushrooms | Julian Mitchell | Unstoppable #114
Did you know that mushrooms can change their DNA to make cotton, leather, and even polyester becoming food for them? That penicillin comes from the fungi kingdom? That there’s a phobia to mushrooms and they’re even considered the Earth’s natural internet? These are just some of the amazing facts about mushrooms that Julian Mitchell shared with me in this episode of Unstoppable. Julian is the CEO of Life Cykel, an evolutionary focused mycelium biotechnology company, whose mission is to enable people and the environment to grow healthier with mushrooms. He co-founded Life Cykel with Ryan Creed in 2015 and rapidly grew their business by focusing on producing the highest quality bioavailable full spectrum mushroom liquid extracts as well as some of the highest quality mushroom products. They offer an incredible range of products and services for health and planetary harmony, all consisting of the humble mushroom. They have liquid extracts, mushroom powder, mushroom protein, and even grow kits that give people the opportunity to grow their own mushrooms at home. Life Cykel also works closely with the National Mushroom Network, Mushroom honey, and Beemunity, products that support the immunity of bees. Life Cykel has been featured in a range of media including Channel 9, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Joe Rogan Experience, SBS and Beauticate. Now we have the pleasure of having Julian on Unstoppable, sharing with us his journey as an entrepreneur, from being a physiotherapist to becoming one of the most environmentally conscious mushroom farmers in Australia. Whether you’re a plant enthusiast, an entrepreneur or you’re just a curious soul who would like to learn the secrets of the fungi kingdom, this episode is for you!
53 min
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward
Becoming a Bikini Competitor. What to Expect and Whether it's Worth it, with PT Sophie Allen
Today I chat with qualified personal trainer Soph Allen. Soph is an experienced coach specialising in female transformations. She founded Train With Soph, a health and fitness coaching platform and app that delivers custom training and nutrition programs, educational and mindset content for women. She’s also a social media personality, known for keeping it real on Instagram and YouTube. I’ve got Soph on today’s podcast to chat about her experiences with competing. I, like many others, have always considered doing a bikini or fitness competition, but never have. Soph has competed and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. So today we talk about what competing is, the differences between the federations and divisions, why someone might want to compete, what goes into a comp prep, how peak week looks, what stage day looks like, why having abs isn’t actually healthy, the hardest parts about comp prep and the pro and cons of competing. When listening to this episode just keep in mind that I think achieving the levels of leanness required for bikini/fitness competitions is not healthy for most and should only be done for a very short period of time under the guidance of multiple professionals. This episode is intended to be an unbiased discussion about Soph’s experiences with competing. If you would like to learn more about Soph check out her Instagram and YouTube. Please subscribe and leave me a review If you enjoyed this podcast, please tag me and share it in your Instagram stories and leave me a positive rating or review in the purple Apple Podcast app (in the rating & reviews section underneath the episode lists). This really helps my podcast get prioritised by Apple and helps me disseminate evidence based information to the people that need it the most! Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast so you never miss an episode!
1 hr 3 min
Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength | Cori Lefkowith
FHP S2: E39 - The Blame Game
Whether we succeed or we fail, ultimately? Well ultimately we are to blame. However, it isn’t easy to accept that we are at fault. It’s way easier to blame outside factors… We didn’t have enough time. The plan was flawed. Work or life obligations got in the way. But guess what? It’s still your fault no matter how “real” or valid the excuses are. And that should actually be a positive thing if we truly want to make a change. Because it then means that ultimately YOU are in CONTROL. When we blame outside forces, we give them the power. We give them power, because we don’t want to be at fault. It sucks admitting you failed. It’s hard to realize we sucked at something. Or didn’t stick to the plan. It’s suck to admit we have a weakness. But when you admit it’s your own flaw? You also gain control of your future. You then have the power to CHANGE your situation. That control, and the acceptance of your failures, is what ultimately leads to your success. Those that succeed honestly often don’t really have a better plan. They didn’t have perfect timing. Shit got in the way and they had countless setbacks. But they owned their failures. Blamed themselves and not things outside of their control. And they put in the work to make the changes. Stop blaming everything but yourself. Because ultimately YOU are in control. Ultimately only you can choose how to react to a situation. Only you can choose to move forward.
3 min
The Darin Olien Show
The Darin Olien Show
Darin Olien
#31 Fatal Conveniences™: Shoes: Free The Feet
Did you know that each foot contains 26 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments? So, this insanely complex anatomical structure accounts for almost 25% of the bones and joints in your entire body. Not to mention the 200,000 nerve endings on the sole of each foot alone! So why do we insist on condemning these incredible sensory powerhouses to a life of padding and cushioning? Guys, it's time we talked about shoes. Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™ This is a bite-sized segment that parallels The Darin Olien Show. In these segments, we get into society's Fatal Conveniences™. I define these as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. These things save us time and trick us into thinking they're actually good for us. But it's those same things that are breaking down our health and the health of the environment around us. I've spent most of my adult life obsessively researching these "conveniences." On every show, I pick one topic, and we dive into it. My goal is to make you more aware of these traps so that you can push back on them. Remember, it starts with you and the choices you make. So, if you're willing to look at your world from a different perspective and make little tweaks that amount to big changes, then this segment is for you. Strutting Your Stuff Shoeless Is The Way To Go! Once again, it turns out that even after thousands of years of evolution, Mother Nature still makes the best footwear. But we seem to have forgotten that. When we wear shoes consistently, what we're doing is reversing this marvel of engineering. Sadly, our love of fashionable footwear has drastically desensitized our feet and changed the way we walk. Therefore, over time, they have even altered the human gait. For the last 15 years or so, I've spent about 90% of my time totally shoe-less. Now, bear with me; I haven't gone completely bananas just yet. But, by ditching the kicks, you'll be rewarded with some pretty amazing health benefits. In this Fatal Conveniences™, I break down the importance of letting your feet breathe. I also look at our feet and how getting a bit more grounded can work its magic across your whole body. I also explore why shoes change the way we walk and the things you can do to retrain your feet to be free. Other topics in this segment: * Why we're getting too much cushion for comfort * Why we should build up our foot's sensitivity to the earth * The research and studies that bring more light to foot health * Weakness, stiffness, and flat feet- Oh my! * How you can reconnect with your feet (and nature) * The best brands for keeping your feet happy * Why bad foot care affects you from head to toe Other Great Resources To Dive Into: * TIME Magazine: The Healthiest Shoes To Wear- According To Science * Study: Foot strength and stiffness – Shoed Vs. Barefoot * Article: Flat Feet Are Associated With Knee Pain and Cartilage Damage in Older Adults * Study: Foot posture, foot function, and low back pain * Study: Footwear characteristics and foot problems in older people * Study: Changes in knee and ankle biomechanics using arch support * Article: Why Not Wearing Shoes Does a Body Good * Article: Why you shouldn't wear slippers while you're working from home * Steven Sashen's Website * Xero Shoes Website * Xero Shoes on Instagram * Netflix' Down To Earth' Official Trailer * Download Darin's amazing new lifestyle app and get 3 days free at * Barukas Nuts 15% discount with code "DARIN" To register for We Are Podcast, go to For 20% off your ticket, use the code DARIN. The Darin Olien Show is produced by the team at Must Amplify. If you're looking to give a voice to your brand, and make sure that it's heard by the right people, head to to see what Amplify can do for you.
19 min
Logical Weight Loss
Logical Weight Loss
Dave Jackson
New Features From Fitbit - Do I Need An App To Let Me Know I'm Stressed?
*WEIGH IN* I talk about this today. I'm going up and down on a somewhat regular basis, but the end result is I'm pretty much staying around 227. *NEW FITBIT SENSE* In this episode I mention where the heck I've been, and what has caught my eye. *The new Fitbit Sense* ( ) which now has Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant built into the Watch. It also can measure your oxygen blood status (like the new Apple iWatch). In addition to the Alexa and Google assistants, they added a feature that helps track how stressed you are. From their website: The new EDA sensor on Fitbit Sense measures electrodermal activity responses. Using the EDA Scan app, place your palm over the face of the device to detect small electrical changes in the sweat level of your skin. Measuring your EDA responses can help you understand your body’s response to stressors and help you manage your stress. You can do a quick EDA Scan session on device to see your responses, or pair it with guided mindfulness sessions in the Fitbit app to see how your body responds during meditation or relaxation. At the end of your session, you will see an EDA response graph on-device and in the mobile app to gauge your progress over time and reflect on how you feel emotionally. While I love the way technology can help track our ups and downs, and inspire us to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, I sometimes wonder, "Do I need an app to let me know that I'm rested? Stressed? They may find things I can't see. I'm just not sure these extra features are worth the hundreds of dollars (more) than something like the smartwatch from Fittrack ( ). I will admit that the thought of having Alexa and Google on the watch made me go, "oooh," we should all remember that if you have your phone with you (and c'mon, when was the last time you were without your phone?) you can talk to "Lexy" or Google, so don't get too excited about a feature you already have. *I COULD HAVE BEEN LOSING WEIGHT* As a logical loser you know I've been in a long three phase project of moving. As I approach phase three, and I see (via my trackers) the activity I've done, I could've used this time to lose weight. Who knew cleaning baseboards or painting burned so many calories? I know my legs, my thumb, and other parts of my body sure felt it. Had I taken just a little bit of time I could've been eating healthier meals for dinner. By eating healthy breakfasts, and lunch, this resulted in my basically going up and down, but more or less staying the same. Tonight after I got done doing some work on the house I went out and took a brisk walk for 25 minutes. The world did not come to an end. I still completed everything I wanted to. While we are all busy, maybe we are not as "24/7 busy" as we think we are. *DON'T PRACTICE DOING THE BAD STUFF* So while I didn't completely ignore my weight loss efforts, I took my "foot of the gas" without putting it on the break. By doing this, you then have to take the step of "pushing down on the gas pedal" and depending on how long you've been coasting, the harder, or stranger, that step may feel. Keep your foot on the gas. *BUY CANDY YOU DON'T LIKE* With Halloween candy now out earlier and earlier, don't fall for it. If you buy it early, this means you can eat it early and then have to buy MORE just to feed the neighborhood kids (IF they are having trick or treat with COVID in your neighborhood). Do you have a candy you hate? (I had to think about it, but butterfingers were never my favorite), maybe that is the best treat for the kids to help you avoid "trying just one." *MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE* *Fitbit Sense* ( ) *Fitbit Verse 3* ( ) *Fittrack Atria* ( ) *BECOME A LOGICAL LOSER* Come experience motivation Monday and weigh-in Wednesday along with a community of other people who are just like you. Its a support group, and accountability team all in one. Check it out at ** ( )
25 min
Plant Proof -  Evidence based nutrition
Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition
Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories
Can holistic grazing reverse climate change? A review of Kiss the Ground
In *Episode 111 *I sit down with Environmental Researcher Nicholas Carter to discuss claims made in the Kiss the Ground documentary that was released on Netflix a few weeks ago. *Specifically we cover:* * The claims made by the documentary around reversal of climate change * Pro's and Con's of the solutions put forward by the documentary * Holistic grazing and carbon sequestration * Alan Savory and science * Importance of conservation and restoration of forests * Grasslands versus forests for carbon sequestration * What a shift to holistic grazing would mean for diets globally * The evidence based way for individuals to lower their food based environmental footprint * and much more *Resources:* * FCRN Grazed and Confused Report * Paul Hawken's Drawdown Review solutions - Sort by impact and you will see Plant-Rich diets are in the top 4 of all solutions in both scenario 1 and scenario 2 that they put forward. * Maria Nordborg's review of Holistic Grazing and Alan Savory's claims * Tim Searchinger's paper on land use * Matthew Hayek's paper on what a shift from factory farmed cows to grazing cows means for beef supply * Database of environmental science articles on food and planetary health compiled by Dr Tushar Mehta and Nicholas Carter * An expansive article I wrote on our food system and climate change *Book:* My book is coming out early 2021 published with Penguin - I cannot wait to share with you. In the lead up the launch I am going to share information about the title, cover, ways to win a copy, live event dates, free e-books etc. Register your email here so I can keep you up to date. *Want to support the show?* The single best way you can support the show is by leaving a review on Apple podcast app - it only takes a few minutes and would be much appreciated. *Simon Hill, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist * Creator of - a free resource for plant based nutrition information
1 hr 20 min
The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni
44 | Losing Balance? Challenging Your Balance Systems
Think balance exercises are only for the elderly? Join Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom as they explain how balance is important for everyone and why.  Listen in to hear some balance tests, targeting three main systems of balance, to see if you can pass. How was it? Struggling? Find out how you can strengthen these skills and create a more sustainable future for your body. 15% OFF VivoBarefoot Shoes with code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout: New #GratefulForMyBody Challenge beings NOVEMBER 1ST!! Join the community & let's MOVE! What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl: 02:04 – Why balance is so important 04:08 – Why it is important to try and understand different balance tests 06:04 – The three systems of balance 08:09 – How to address problems with vestibular system - Doc Jen’s personal story with BPPV 13:13 – System number three explained 14:18 – The goal behind these tests - Understanding how these systems work within your body 16:04 – How to practically explore what system you rely on the most 19:48 – How a soft tissue injury can come into play for balance training 20:41 – Strategies PTs use to target hip muscles, avoid falling injuries, and uncover what you’re relying on 23:20 – Why a variety of exercises are needed, not just strength training, in your weekly routine 24:21 – How to challenge the vestibular system 25:00 – How to integrate all of these tests - How they have the potential of decreasing your pain To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Items mentioned in this episode include: Balance System Tests: Research Citations: Gordon, L. (2017, February 01). Understanding the 3 Balance Systems. From The Human Balance System. (2020, September 02). From Full show notes available at Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to subscribe and leave a quick rating and review of the show! --- Send in a voice message:
31 min
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