REAL TALK - Come Follow Me - Episode 4
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Doctrine and Covenants 3-5
January 18th - January 24th
A Come Follow Me home study help for Individuals & Families. Presented by Seagull Book & Produced by Covenant Communications.

Church News
Church News
Church News
Matthew J. Grow, Managing Director of the Church History Department, on connecting to the people in the Doctrine and Covenants through historical exploration
In the year 2021, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints study the Doctrine and Covenants, it is important to remember that the book is a compilation of revelations given to early prophets in answer to prayer as they worked to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ. Understanding the people and historical context of the book is key to unlocking the vital spiritual lessons found in its pages. Guest Matthew J. Grow, managing director of the Church History Department, discusses how learning Church history and exploring resources like The Joseph Smith Papers, the “Saints” book series and “Come, Follow Me” can help members connect more to the historic and spiritual record — and discover that these early Saints are more like us than we may have thought before.   The Church News Podcast is a weekly podcast that invites listeners to make a journey of connection with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints across the globe. Host Sarah Jane Weaver, reporter and editor for The Church News for a quarter-century, shares a unique view of the stories, events, and most important people who form this international faith. With each episode, listeners are asked to embark on a journey to learn from one another and ponder, “What do I know now?” because of the experience. Produced by KellieAnn Halvorsen. See for privacy information.
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About Progress
About Progress
Monica Packer
AP 320: Easy Ways to Find Yourself, No Matter How Late || with Mikayla Johnson
When I created my first ever Do Something Plan 5 years ago it was simply to try to dig my way out from under a quarter-life identity crisis. I say simply not because it was a small task, but because I had no idea what it would become, just that I needed to do something. If you also find yourself feeling stuck, or unfulfilled, (even if you have the things you want!) then this episode on easy ways to find yourself, no matter how late, is just for you. Mikayla Johnson is a Progressor, a member of this community, just like you. In this episode she details the many hats she has worn, from hobbies to businesses, as well as her own quarter-life crisis. Through pursuing even the smallest of interests, without the pressure of perfection, Mikayla is more secure in her identity than ever. Tune in and see if you can catch her "I am" proclamation about her current pursuit, it is truly inspiring! About a few other things... Can you help me out really quickly? Take this 3-5 minute survey that let's me know how to better serve you, the women of this community. I'll select 5 participants to receive a thank you gift! Sign up for the Go Getter Newsletter to get Progress Pointers in your inbox every Thursday. SHOW NOTES * Mikayla's Instagram, Website * Take this quick survey to help me improve the podcast! * Get started on belonging to yourself with this free resource * Better Help – online therapy * Visit &Collar and get free shipping with code 'PROGRESS' * Get the Organization Overhaul audio course * Join the monthly membership group * Get your first month+ FREE with Libsyn using code MONICA * Lend your voice and experience + be featured on the show HERE * Join Monica on Facebook and Instagram * Songs Credit: DRIVE by Dj Nicolai Heidlas @nicolai-heidlas Music provided by FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS AND VIDEOS
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