Episode 28: “I have something I want to talk to you about...”: A conversation about the experiences of OIDV survivors with pioneering researcher Dr. Leanor Boulin Johnson
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The first police spouse Dr. Leanor Boulin Johnson interviewed came in to the office, sat down and said: "I have something I want to talk to you about, and I really don't care what you want to talk to me about. I'm going to tell you what I want you to know about my stress." (p. 60 from Police Wife by Alex Roslin)  She went on to  tell Dr. Johnson and her colleague about how her police officer husband was beating her.  More stories of police officer perpetrated domestic violence were uncovered as the research continued. With each disclosure, Dr. Johnson was thrown deeper and deeper into the hidden world of officer-involved domestic violence (OIDV). 

Over more than thirty years, Dr. Johnson has done multiple studies and even testified to the United States Congress about officer involved domestic violence. Dr. Johnson, Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University didn’t set out  to research officer-involved domestic violence. As a professor in African-American and Family Studies, she was looking to research women’s roles in the workplace. After running into roadblock after roadblock, she landed on studying police officers’ stress including their families.  In this conversation with David & Ruth, Dr. Johnson shares her insights and observations related to OIDV including her concerns for the health of police families, lack of support for police officers, and the connections between OIDV and police brutality.  

During this interview Dr. Johnson talks about:

  • The connection between “authoritarian spillover,” OIDV and police brutality 
  • The gender and race differences in her research 
  • How police officers’ need for support and connection is central to addressing OIDV and excessive force problems

For those interested in learning more about her research you can email her directly at: drlbj@yahoo.com

To read more about how research you can read Alex Roslin’s book Police Wife

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