Beginner's Mind
Beginner's Mind
Jul 25, 2022
#81: Astrid Woollard and Christian Niedermüller - The Future of Investments in Digital Assets
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What is happening in all things digital assets, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and alike? The market crashed. Is it all over now? 

Investing with experts is always the best idea when investing in new areas. This episode was recorded in February 2022, and I am happy that I had the chance to speak with two experts in digital assets from Austria:

Astrid Woollard and Christian Niedermüller, SMAPE Capital

Astrid is the CIO of Smape Capital. Their slogan is: We invest beyond mission-driven tokenized economies. She is also working as an independent consultant in
digitalization, digital business models, blockchain technology applications,
and IP strategy

Christian Niedermüller has been 15+ years in banking/traditional finance in very challenging roles, but finally went full time into the DLT/Blockchain and digital asset universe after being 6+ years massively involved anyway.

Topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Smape Capital
  • Satoshi Nakamoto 
  • NFTs
  • DAOs 
  • The Metaverse and 
  • Much much more

Youtube Video

🕛 Timestamps
(00:00) Kick Off
(01:07) What is Smape Capital?
(04:15) The History of Digital Assets
(05:05) Who is Satoshi Nakamoto
(07:07) Next Generation Token
(09:53) Use Cases for NFTs
(12:40) What Is DAO?
(14:10) Astrid Woollard’s and Christian Niedermüller’s First Steps Into the Crypto Market
(21:13) The Driving Forces Behind the Digital Asset Revolution
(25:10) The Bitcoin Pizza Day
(26:11) The Tokenized Economy
(28:02) Use Cases for the Token Economy
(33:10) Useability of Tokens for Investments in Equity, Real Estate, and other Asset Classes
(37:00) Unbanking the Banked, and Banking the Unbanked
(40:11) Digital Assets and Inflation.
(42:55) The Remittance Network – An Opportunity for Digital Assets?
(46:50) Money Laundering and the Blockchain
(51:27) Digital Assets in the Metaverse – Why, What, And How
(54:42) NFTs in the Metaverse
(56:08) How NFTs Will Change the Gaming Industry
(59:00) The Availability of Capital for Digital Asset Projects
(01:01:51) New Funds in the Digital Asset Eco-System
(01:06:01) Why Should Family Offices and High Networth Individuals invest in Funds Rather Than Bitcoin
(01:12:42) The Future of Investing in Digital Assets

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