Beginner's Mind
Beginner's Mind
Jul 12, 2022
#80: Alexander Belcredi and Lorenzo Corsini - How to Create An Overnight Success As An Entrepreneur
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It is the 80th episode on my podcast channel. In 2020 I wanted to try how podcasts can bring value to my life science business community.

One of the first speakers on the podcast was Alexander Belcredi, Phagomed. He and Co-CEO Lorenzo Corsini started their Company in 2015 and developed Alternatives to Antibiotics.; which was also the title of Episode #9 - Alternatives to Antibiotics.

In April 2020, Alexander and Lorenzo were fundraising for their Company. Two years later, they signed an acquisition deal with the german Company BioNTech.

After the acquisition, I sometimes heard on the market that Alexander and Lorenzo's success story came a bit unexpected.

That's why I asked Alexander and Lorenzo to come back to the show to highlight how entrepreneurs create unexpected results in business.

Topics we discuss in this episode:

➡️ The Decision-Making Process to Start a Company
➡️ How to Build Processes, Structures, and Teams
➡️ The Reality of Fundraising
➡️ The 5 Key Learnings of First-Time Founders
➡️ And much, much more...

Connect with the experts on the show:
Alexander Belcredi
Lorenzo Corsini

Youtube Video

🕒  Timestamps:
(00:00) Introduction

(06:30) How Easy is it to Create an Overnight Startup Success?

(09:07) The Defining Moment of a New Company

(12:10) Is the Ideation Phase the Right Time to Found a New Company?

(16:19) Some Thoughts on Why 9 out of 10 Startups Fail

(17:45) From Ideation to Market – How Much Time is Needed in the Pharma Industry?

(21:16) The Complexity of Founding and Developing Life Science Companies

(25:40) The Early Days of a Company Formation – Structures, Teams, Processes

(31:33) Dealing with adversity

(36:15) Operating in a B2B Environment

(39:45) The 3 Major Obstacles During the Phagomed Journey

(44:40) Adapting the Own Expectations as an Entrepreneur

(47:10) Finding the Right Business Case for the Company

(58:10) How Important is Relationship Building During Fundraising?

(01:06:47) Finding the Right Balance Between Dilution, Control, and Fundraising.

(01:12:42) Why Downsrounds Are a Danger for the Motivation

(01:15:43) How Plannable Are Acquisitions from the Seller's Perspective

(01:24:46) 5 Key Learnings From the Phagomed Journey

(01:31:00) What is the first step towards founding a company?

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