Beginner's Mind
Beginner's Mind
Jan 26, 2022
#65 - Paul Polterauer, Philipp Peinsold, Markus Raunig - This was 2021 - A year in Review 6/7
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Part 6 of the Year in Review Recording.

1 hour minutes of inspiring conversations with speakers from previous podcast episodes and business partners of the hosts.

 What was hot in 2021, and what do our speakers expect for 2022?

In this episode, we talk about

  • NFTs
  • Metaverse
  • NanoMetaGames
  • Austrian Entrepreneurship Week
  • From Morning Moonshots to Future Weekly
  • Apple & Spotify Podcast Algorithms

I hope you enjoy the conversation the same way I did.

Who are the Experts in this episode:

Video to the Episode:

(02:00) What are NFTs?

(03:42) The Metaverse

(04:08) More about NFTs

(07:20) NanoMetaGames

(17:00) NFTs in Games

(19:13) NFT and digital collectibles from games

(22:57) Usecases for NFT 

(23:53) When You Have Just 1 Wine and 1 NFT…

(25:09) What Do a Shirt and an NFT Have in Common?

(27:45) What Legal Challenges do NFTs Face Today?

(34:21) NanoMetaGames – Outlook for 2022

(36:00) Markus Raunig – Austrian Startups – How was 2021?

(37:00) The Austrian Entrepreneurship Week

(39:37) From Morning Moonshots to Future Weekly

(41:00) The backstory to Future Weekly – How did it all start?

(43:45) The Three Biggest Success @ Future Weekly

(45:39) The Apple & Spotify Charts Algorithm

(48:26) Outlook for 2022 

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