Beginner's Mind
Beginner's Mind
Jan 16, 2022
#63: Albert Missbichler, Peter Llewellyn-Davies - This was 2021 - A Year in Review Part 4/7
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Part 4 of the Year in Review Recording.

1 hour minutes of inspiring conversations with speakers from previous podcast episodes and business partners of the hosts.

 What was hot in 2021, and what do our speakers expect for 2022?

In this episode, we talk about

  • Biotech in Austria
  • Culture of Success
  • Business Angels, Investment and Market Perspective
  • Customer Needs and Entrepreneurship

I hope you enjoy the conversation the same way I did.

Who are the Experts in this episode:

Video to the Episode:

(00:00) Opening Christian Soschner / Albert Missbichler
(02:00) Peter Llewellyn-Davies Biotech in Austria
(03:22) How was 2021 for Life Science Entrepreneurs?
(05:12) How was 2021 for Biotech Austria?
(06:45) The situation of Life Science Infrastructure in Austria
(08:00) Lab Space in Austria
(09:30) Europe Needs a Culture of Success
(12:25) English Proficiency in Austria
(14:08) Agenda 2022 – Biotech Austria – 3 Main Goals
(16:30) Goal #4: Availability of Capital for Life Science Investments
(18:10) Goal #5: Availability of Funding for Clinical Trials
(19:30) Goal #6: Have Fun
(20:15) Astrid Wollard / Christian Soschner / Matthias Tarasiewicz– Education – Health and Financial Literacy – Beginner’s Mindset
(25:30) Why Beginner’s Mind Matters More Than Ever
(28:18) The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Oxford
(30:05) How Did the Start-Up Scene in Europe Evolve since the 90s?
(32:25) Albert Missbichler – Entrepreneurship & Business Angel in Life Science
(35:00) Fianostics – Diagnostics during Covid
(37:25) From Prototype Stage to Market Entry
(38:35) How Important Is Market and Financing Expertise in the Early Stages of a Company?
(43:04) Entrepreneurship Mindset and Customer Needs
(47:00) Outlook to 2022 – Importance of Meeting in Real Life
(49:20) Direct Contact to Customers in the Digital World
(52:00) Content Marketing Helps to Build Trust Online
(56:30) How Building Business Relationships Changed During the Pandemic

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