Self Discovery through the Enneagram with Lynn Turner
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JessB is OBSESSED with the Enneagram, and has been for over a decade, so when an opportunity to invite Lynn Turner, PhD, from the Center for Relationships came up, The Two Jess(es) couldn't wait! For those who are unfamiliar with the Enneagram, it is a way of summarizing individual temperaments and aims to lend clarity to the question: Are we nature or are we nurture?

In this episode, we hear from Ms. Turner about her 25+ years working with the Enneagram, and how understanding ourselves and the way we are naturally wired can help us achieve successful relationships, both professionally and personally.

Jess and Jess have a lot of fun as they identify different temperament traits about themselves, and each other. Ah ha moments are had as they begin the beautiful work of learning each other's personalities in a deeper way, as well as their own!

Show Notes:

Lynn Turner, Phd, LCSW
Director- A Center fro Relationships

Lynn Turner is a licensed clinical social worker with both a masters and doctorate in social work. She has been the Director of A Center For Relationships, Alexandria, VA for more than 20 years. Lynn’s clinical practice includes children, adults, couples, families and groups: people of all ages. In addition, for 30 years she has been leading workshops in relationship skills and emotional processing. For our purposes today she has been teaching the Enneagram to her clients and in workshops since 1995 (25 years). 

Lynn will tell you her story of how she learned about the Enneagram and why she considers the Enneagram to be our innate temperament which combined with our family environment creates our personality today.  In 1995 Lynn wrote a booklet on the Enneagram and updates it yearly. She is in the process of presenting a proposal for a published book based on her client, brain and energy based understanding of the Enneagram.

Other interesting information about Lynn: She has had a keen interest in understanding emotions, energy and how the brain works. To this end she has studied with all the major proponents of brain research and emotions, including two quantum physicists who taught with Karl Pribram at Georgetown University (1990-1993). Lynn is also a Reiki master and chakra energy healer, both of which have increased her energy awareness. 

1These studies have lead Lynn to a deeper understanding of the Enneagram: how our brain is different for each Enneagram type and how we each hold our energy differently. For instance “8” energy can be intimidating without the “8” doing anything, whereas people can almost walk through a “9” or a “2” with their gentle energy and we can be unaware of a “5” being in the room: all based on the energy emitted naturally by each Enneagram style.

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