How to Be the Ringmaster of Your Own Circus with Jenn Folsom
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Offering many pieces of practical advice on managing the circus of what we call life, Jenn shares her perspective as a working mom of three teenage boys. She gets really honest about the illusiveness of a work life balance, and shows us how we can decide what goes into the rings of our own circus.

Thinking strategically about not being 'mommytracked' at work, getting back into the work force after taking time off, and having the fortitude to ask for what you are worth, Jenn offers invaluable nuggets of wisdom for women as they juggle all.the.things.

Referencing the current crisis, as many of us are all trying to work from home and home school our kids, she says the silver lining is that the whole world is now an audience to the struggle of the working parent. Jenn gets really honest about lowering the expectations for ourselves right now, but also using this time to think and plan strategically for when the world resumes some sort of normality.

Show Notes:
Jennifer Folsom is a dynamic, high-energy leader with a proven record of growing all sizes of professional services firms while growing a family. She is the Vice President of Client Delivery at RIVA Solutions Inc., a Washington, DC- based IT management consulting firm. 

A human capital expert, she leverages a people-centered approach to drive revenue in organizations from start-up to Big 4. An-oft quoted expert in corporate culture, Jennifer promotes the notion that the multiple in firm valuation starts with the people. Her colleagues cite one of her greatest strengths as the “ability to cut through the noise to solve an issue.” 

She's also the mom of 3 sons, 17-year-old twins and a 12-year old-firecracker. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Yogi. Old lady soccer team player. Amateur farm-to-table chef. Vegetable gardener. Paddleboarder. Bourbon lover. Runner. Reader. Writer. Jennifer loves her work but knows that living your ​whole b​ est life is the ultimate key to success. 

To Learn More: 
Instagram: @jennifercfolsom
Facebook: The Ringmaster Project 
Twitter: @jenniferfolsom 
Medium: @jenn.folsom 
LinkedIn: @jenniferfolsom 


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