On Pain Bringing Us to our Life's Purpose with Sara Raak
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In this episode, The Two Jess(es) sit down and connect over a conversation with designer Sara Raak of SKG Design and Styles about the loss of her son, Bennett. With love, Sara discusses the harsh realities of being a NICU mom, TWICE, and explains how she has turned her pain into a source of pride as she continues to allow others into the extraordinary journey  of her son's legacy. Despite the heaviness of this topic, Sara is able to weave laughter and light throughout her storytelling in a beautiful way. For more information on how to support the Bennett Raak Foundation, see the show notes.

Show Notes:

The Bennett Raak Foundation seeks to raise money in order to continue to have a dedicated Family Support Specialist for the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital NICU. HIstorically, the NICU has shared a Family Support Specialist with Pediatrics, which spreads the FSS thin, giving priority to the Pediatric unit.  Because of the support given by the Bennett Raak Foundation, the NICU now has a dedicated Family Support Specialist and their longterm goal is to continue paying the salary for that position as well as supporting additional programs that benefit the families in the NICU. If you would like to donate to the fund for the Bennett D. Raak Family Support Specialist you can do so at this link: http://www.giving.medstarhealth.org/nicufamilysupport

A Note From Sara on Bereavement:

A friend and fellow Georgetown NICU parent started an amazing website called Evermore. Joyal lost her sweet daughter and when she was in her darkest moments of grieving sought resources to help walk her, her family and friends through the fog of bereavement.  She realized there was very little avaialble to those who despereately needed assistance. As a result she started Evermore. While most Americans will experience bereavement during their lifetime, the topic receives little attention in our nation’s discourse on public health priorities, health equity, and the well-being of children and families. Our nation can do better. We are working every day to bring more and better resources to families and the professionals who serve them. Bereavement care in America is broken. We hope you will join us to make the world a more livable place for bereaved individuals, families and communities. This is an organization to assist anyone who has lost a loved one.  https://www.live-evermore.org/

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