Give Up or Get Up. A Conversation on Surviving Grief and Perfectionism with author and 100% Human Founder, Karen Allen
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When Karen Allen was 29 years old, she was a wife, a mother of a two year old, and had the whole wide world ahead of her. And then, it all fell apart- and in the space of a breath, her life was completely derailed, and a new one began, when an armed shooter walked into her husband's Crossfit studio, and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.
 A widow before she turned 30, it was when her 2 year old wandered into her bedroom and wanted to know if she was going to get out of bed- that she realized she had two choices. She could either give up, or get up. And then she realized, she always had more than one choice in life. And the best choice is always going to be to embrace the messy middle of being 100% human.

A conversation on perfectionism and recovery- on authenticity and excellence- the fullness of the human experience- Karen breaks down how to have a more meaningful connection with their own humanity with the Two Jess(es).

Meet Karen:
Karen is proud to be a...
✔ Super-mom and totally figuring it out as I go
✔ Keynote speaker who still gets bubbly butterflies (learn my trick to turn those anxious nerves into uplifting excitement)
✔ Healthy eater who also loves pizza and greasy burgers
✔ Super organized person who can never find her Airpods
✔ Amateur musician who sings off-key sometimes while cooking, cleaning and driving
who helps people all over the world get out of a rut and wholeheartedly pursue their biggest goals; because she knows first hand that when you choose to be better, you make the people and the world around you better, too. Karen turned her epiphany into a clear, actionable mindset that provides a “get out of perfection free” card for all of the beautiful, imperfect humans out there . 100% Human™ is about developing the mindset and tools to stop feeling tossed around by life and start focusing on the joy and abundance that is actually under your control.

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