MVP Business
MVP Business
Dec 1, 2020
Jen Shultz discusses how to Quit your 9-5, Stand on your own two feet and Find your purpose as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver™
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Join me and my guest Jen Shultz, Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five as we talk about her personal story on how she transitioned from working nine-to-five to shifting her mindset and doing what she knew she was made for. When Jen left her job as a teacher, she knew she wasn’t meant to work in another school. In this episode, Jen shares why intuition is important and what she believes hold people back from truly going for what they love. Make sure to tune in with us because there is a ton to take away.

In this episode you will learn:

·       Being a teacher in New York, the anxieties, the misalignments, and the realization.

·       Practice makes progress – not perfection.

·       The biggest obstacles in life are our own limiting beliefs.

·       The 6-Step Process to leaving the Nine-to-Five way: A non-chronological order guide

·       Your intuition is totally connected to your positive energy.

Jen Shultz’ Bio:

In 2010 I was a first grade teacher at a highly acclaimed and rapidly growing charter school in NYC, I had health benefits, I was living in an exciting neighborhood in Manhattan BUT I was completely miserable. I found myself massively depressed, anxiety ridden, and felt like a big loser who was purposeless and confused. 

In December of that year however, I reached a point where the pain of staying at my job far exceeded the fear of leaving. I walked in one morning and gave my 2-week notice. When I share this story many people say to me, “Wow that was brave.  That was courageous.”  But bravery was so far from the truth of what I REALLY felt underneath it all. 

I felt like a failure who had just let everyone down, especially my students and the staff who needed me. However, way down deep within my heart I knew I needed to leave and begin to carve my own path. After I quit I knew I was destined to never work for an employer again BUT where was I meant to go and who was I meant to be?

My intuition told me to continue teaching but how would I do that if I wasn’t working directly for a school?  It made no sense. I found myself sitting in a local Starbucks day in and day out, emailing and calling as many people as I could letting them know I was providing educational services outside of the typical classroom setting. Within 3 months of leaving my full time job, my first business Teacher on the Go was born.

Since 2013 I have dedicated myself to educating an coaching Non-Nine-to-Fivers who KNOW just like I did that they are meant to be independently employed doing purposeful work in the world, generating money on their own terms using their innate talents and strengths.

Join Jen Shultz, Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ for a very special end of year Masterclass where she will teach you how to fully commit to your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose in just 2 key steps so you can powerfully enter 2021.

Your Masterclass details:


Friday, December 11th 11:00am CENTRAL – 2:00pm CENTRAL (*deadline to register is Monday, December 7th 11:59pm)


Private Virtual Classroom (You will receive the link prior to class)


Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!) -  Jen will be teaching in-depth curriculum that has not been shared before that will have you mastering your own unique inner GPS System and Commit FULLY to your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose.


· 1 Payment of $97 


· 1 Payment of $97 AND bring a friend for FREE.  


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