Jul 16, 2020
Individualizing Your Hydration and Sodium for Ultrarunning with Andy Blow | KoopCast Episode 36
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In this episode of the KoopCast Coach Jason Koop speaks with Andy Blow.

Andy is the founder of Precision Hydration, a company that performs sweat sodium testing on athletes and provides customized hydration solutions.

Precision Hydration- https://www.precisionhydration.com/

What the sweat test looks like with Lucy Bartholomew

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*** to be clear there is no financial entanglement between Jason Koop, the KoopCast and Precision Hydration and Jason Koop receives no compensation or product for this discount. It is just a value for the listeners.*** 

Podcasts Referenced- 

Stavros Kavouras

Alan Mcubbin

Conversation Outline

  1. Athletic background and how that translated into your current business
  2. Background with working with drivers. We have a common connection with Mark Weber where we tested him in our physiology lab
  3. Why is sweat sodium testing so important? I am going to set this up with the presentation you did at training peaks
  4. Your system and other systems. 
  5. Is there REALLY a range of sweat sodium concentrations with athletes. 
  6. How you customize solutions based on use case, results of the test and other factors. 
  7. Overview of different types of sweat tests. patches, sweat rate testing, etc
  8. Who are good candidates for sweat sodium tests?
  9. What can affect the results of the test in any individual athlete? Training, heat acclimation, diet?
  10. How the body can regulate sodium concentration. This will lead to a discussion on ranges vs precise targets
  11. Practical recommendations for athletes
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