069 - Believe You Can And You Will
Play • 43 min

You might have a next level or big thing larger than yourself that you want to achieve. But do you have some story or excuse that’s blocking you from getting it?

Our guest today, Romi Hancock, is the author of the book She Believed She Could and She Did. She also coaches people to get past limiting beliefs to create the outcomes they really want in life. But her own story wasn’t easy growing up and involves being raped and sexually trafficked repeatedly

Today, she's one of the top realtors in the entire country and lives a beautiful life.

Regardless of your story or past, you can move past it, and Romi is a living, breathing example. In this episode, she’s going to share her full story and how she came out on the other side to land in the top 1% of all realtors in the country. Listen Now.

Show Notes: CoachGeorgeWang.com/69

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