Pandemic Puppies
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This week we discuss: Pandemic Puppies

As a result of the changes in the world in the past year, there are many shy dogs and pandemic puppies that have had limited exposure. Is limited exposure the end of the world, is that a bad thing, or is it potentially not such a bad thing?

We know that empowering your dog through games can help prepare them for life. One bad event outweighs even 100 positive events. The key to having a puppy that is cool, calm, and collected in the world is quality over quantity. 

Interaction vs. Being in the Presence of is a HUGE thing to consider when exploring socialisation with your Pandemic Puppy. In addition, growing concepts prepares your dog far more than a checklist. There are so many top tips in this episode and if you have a pandemic puppy or know someone that does, this is the episode for you (and share away!). 

A review is a valuable point of feedback for us. If you could take a moment to review the podcast, that would be so, so appreciated. 

We want to bring you valuable, insightful content that helps dogs all over the world (yours included).

Play a game with your dog today and have fun. 

Have an amazing day,  

Tom & Lauren

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