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Nov 20, 2020
Plastic Model Mojo Episode 25: Turns Out, The Hobby's Not Dead After All
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Mike and Dave scrap the bonus episode idea and tackle the feedback to "Death of the Hobby" as the special segment for Episode 25.  The "Death of the Hobby" episode generated a large amount of listener feedback.  Mike and Dave parse through it, discussing why so many always feel the hobby is on the way out, and why it actually is not!

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Countdown to Vegas:
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Fav's and Yawn's:
Border Models Tiger 1 Ausf E, Early Production
Miniart M3 Lee, Mid Production
Ark Models T-34/85 Model 1943 (YAWN)
Das Werk SM U-9 WW1 Submarine

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Andy's Hobby HQ YouTube Channel

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ABorderPrince Warhammer Lore and History
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War Stories
War Stories
Preston Stewart
1LT Jimmie Monteith (L Co. 1-16IN, 1st ID) Fox Red Sector, Omaha Beach 06JUN1944
06JUN1944: A platoon leader with L Company, 1-16IN, 1LT Jimmie Monteith was scheduled to land on Omaha Beach in the first wave.  His company was hammered on their way in and by the time they got ashore, were operating at close to 50% strength. Monteith quickly took charge and organized the remaining men behind a seawall where they had relative cover from the direct fire aimed their way.  Realizing they came ashore at the Fox Red sector, well off from their intended target, Monteith seized the initiative and got to work. He led his men across the open beach to the next covered position through machine gun, mortar and artillery fire.  From there they were pinned down by the German strongpoint WN-60, a heavily fortified bunker system with artillery pieces, mortars, machine guns and even a tank turret.  Recognizing it had to go, Monteith ran back through the open to link up with the few tanks that had come ashore. He escorted the tanks through a minefield until they were within range of the strongpoint.  He coordinated their fire with his maneuvering infantry until two machine guns were knocked out.  This allowed his men to move around the side and eventually overtake the position by 0900 that morning.   Advancing inland, Monteith and his men were hit by a German counterattack. He began organizing their defense and consolidating the position when he was struck and killed by enemy fire.  At the age of 26, 1LT Jimmie Monteith would give his life on Omaha Beach.  He would be awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor, one of only four that day.
26 min
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