The UNCrushed Podcast #12 | Naveli Garg, Founder & Entrepreneur, Charity Dress
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Naveli Garg, freshman at UC Davis studying neuroscience, is involved in a number of initiatives helping people and communities worldwide, including being the Founder & CEO of Charity Dress, an 501(c)3 organization that provides clothing and educational opportunities to low-income communities.

Naveli shares her journey of being very different throughout high school as well as a life-changing experience of sexual assault. When coming forward talking about her experience, she was the victim of cyberbullying and felt she had no voice. Through artistic avenues, platforms and more, she wants to change the way teens interact with one another online, especially in this digital world we live in.

Naveli navigates us through how she moved forward and found her strength, discussing how cultures and experiences that we have in other countries changes everything about how we appreciate our lives. She tells us that it’s about gaining perspective in life. Most importantly, she reminds us that we’re not alone.

A growing scholar in neuroscience, she shares aspects of her studies and research that incited a passion in her. She mentions being an integral part of a Women’s March, portraying that standing your ground and using your voice whenever you can is important to better both yourself and the world around you.

Sharing about the people who are rocks in her life, through good or bad times, Naveli wanted to tell her story because of the importance for us to grow as a society and for the benefit of the human race.


  • 0:17 - Introductions
  • 2:08 - India, Charity Dress, and Naveli’s first pivot
  • 8:05 - In the broader picture, how are you helping? ‘Cause connect’ was born
  • 12:55 - What’s next for this 17 year-old phenom? - Naveli talks more about her future, career path, and what’s next
  • 17:10 - What’s it like being a 17-year-old prodigy at your high school?
  • 21:07 - Something happened that changed Naveli forever - Sexual assault and bullying
  • 25:20 - How and when Naveli found her superpower? The difference between cultures and experiences
  • 29:41 - What brought Naveli to UNCrushed? - Naveli’s message to others about gaining perspective
  • 32:53 - Who are Naveli’s rocks? The people she leans on when needed
  • 36:53 - Cyberbullying - How Naveli finds her generation responding to negativity online 
  • 46:00 - The trauma of sexual assault - Ways to fight back, groups of supportive people, victim blaming and supporting the perpetrators
  • 52:57 - The wrap up - Being able to help others after knowing oneself
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