#8 - The Power Of Transparency with Scott DiGiammarino
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For an organization to succeed, you need to have leadership that can move the business to the next level while ensuring that the people are continuously engaged. Our guest today is the CEO of MovieComm that uses movie clips as an engagement tool. He is none other than, Scott DiGiammarino. 

He shares insightful information on leadership and keeping engagement right on track. He also shares how he found a creative way to train and keep employees engaged. 

To learn more about Scott DiGiammarino check out moviecomm.com or get in touch with Scott directly at (703) 851-1244. 

Main takeaways:

  • Scott: get to know him more [2:10]
  • How to handle the culture shock of a new environment? [5:00]
  • How to handle pushback from people? [6:25]
  • How to know if people are not ready to change and what to do? [7:50]
  • How fast do you implement changes? [8:55]
  • Transparency: why is it important? [10:05]
  • Communication: it’s a gift and a skill [11:06]
  • Keeping your team motivated [14:53]
  • The creative way of ensuring engagement and keeping the culture intact [16:40]
  • How he helped the people in the “middle” move up to the next level [20:54]
  • More about MovieComm [26:00]
  • The future of leadership [30:40]
  • When is the time to let go of old habits, leadership, and beliefs? [34:50]
  • Scott’s mentality around developing people to become future leaders [41:50]
  • Final words of wisdom from Scott DiGiammarino [44:55]

Via https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottdigiammarino/ 

After 25 years as an award winning executive at American Express I've learned and grown to believe in a few things:

* I have a deep belief in human potential and that there's greatness in everyone.
* I believe that leadership truly matters and is imperative to help people tap into that potential.
* I believe that creativity, inspiration and engagement are needed to change the world.
* I believe that the impact of storytelling and short video can help people do the impossible.
* I believe that the next generation can and will be the best ever...just a matter of time.

That's why I started MovieComm (www.moviecomm.com.) MovieComm partners with some of the major Hollywood studios where our clients can use legally approved, easy to find, ad free, customizable movie clips as a way of connecting, communicating and inspiring the masses. Our SaaS based technology helps today's leaders lead in a short, entertaining and memorable manner. Doesn't matter if you're a corporate leader at any level, a professor, teacher, coach, trainer or even a parent. We also partner with e-learning organizations to help spice up learning modules.

Our mission is aligned with yours...to help people maximize their real potential.

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